Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Third Pause in Lent


When that word came into my mind, this picture from Lakeland Limited also popped in! We have some of these drawer organisers, and they are really great, and would be even better if we didn't have twice as many items as pockets...
The word 'compartmentalise' was introduced to my thoughts by Elizabeth Rimmer on her Lúcháir blog. She mentioned that the Pause in Lent 'brings together some strands of my thinking that I tend to compartmentalise - always a bad sign'. I hope you don't mind me quoting you there, Elizabeth - you really got me pondering!
It does seem to me that what the Pause in Lent is doing for me is similar - seeing the connections between different things that are important to me, instead of putting them into separate little boxes!It's good to have the contents of my kitchen sorted and compartmentalised, but how easily I seem to have decided that my family, my work, my faith, my emotions, my health, my blogging, my friends, my environment, etc, etc are also separate from each other and seem to get put into separate 'boxes' in my life.

Denise's recommendation of the book 'Simple Abundance' has been part of what's helped me to remember that each of these things is part of a bigger picture, rather than a separate element which has no effect on other parts of my life.
Denise can tell you more about how Morning Pages, which are a part of the Simple Abundance concept, help you to clear your mind of clutter and actually put down onto paper (and then forget/burn/otherwise destroy) the outpourings you'd normally bottle up. I'm not actually finding that I'm pouring out pages of misery or vitriol, quite to the contrary, but if I do have something bugging me or upsetting me, I'm finding that I can write it down and begin to see it in proportion, either to be left behind or dealt with. I'm beginning to see how the things I turn over and over in my mind are linked to how I face and deal with all the events of the day. There's no specifically religious idea behind the Morning Pages, but as my Big Picture includes Jesus, I find him here too.


So, instead of the compartments, I'm feeling freer to let God into all aspects of my life, and let him have a little look at the bits I'd rather hide - a bit of resentment here, a bit of laziness there, a bit (a lot!) of irritability there...


And it's not an unpleasant experience. It is very releasing.


Jen Walshaw said...

I so love these ideas and actually it is one that I use, but I do my writings on an evening in a little book by my bed. it was introsuced to me in a councelling session for PND and it really does help.

I also was really torn about introducing religion in to my blog, but as it is part of me and part of my family asn the blog is a representation of that I felt I would be fooling people, but more than that fooling myself

Maisey's Attic said...

It was lovely to read your post today - this is something I have been pondering a lot lately - I have the book Simple Abundance ( must get it out again) - This past year I have been following Gretchen Rubin's blog "The Happiness Project" - I love her writing, and she has certainly got me thinking -

Hope you enjoy your day - it is sunny here but still very cold - we are off to see "Alice In Wonderland" xx

Luisa said...

I haven't heard of the morning pages, so will be pleased to follow that one up, thanks Floss..
I find that my 'compartments' are getting tighter the busier I get, how important it is to take stock and re-assess how life is travelling, and a good chance to re-establish priorities.
Thanks for the reminder.
Hope your weekend was a good one!

Forthvalley scribe said...

Thanks Floss, for organising the Pause in lent and amking the process happen!

Pom Pom said...

I remember when I realized that I had a big tendency to summarize everything. All ideas and discoveries had a beginning, middle, and end. I realized how I was minimizing life. I have to fight that.

Unknown said...

Hi, Great article. I started writing out prayers before my daily Bible study each day. I pray for problems, praises, and requests, then toss it. But just getting it out makes it more clear cut. Love the organizers for the drawer, by the way. :)

Elizabethd said...

Interesting thoughts and ideas Floss. I would like an organizer for my head sometimes.

BadPenny said...

I can't imagine EVER EVER being that organised !
but friends think I am !

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Your post was in myhead all day, but for some strange reason it provoked a strong desire to organise everything in the house and I have spent the day washing curtains and windows,moving things round and tidying drawers! what is happening to me? Maybe if I organise my outer life I will then be able to take charge of the inner? Thanks for a thought provoking Lent post as always.

Angela said...

A great post, Floss, thanks.
I did have to check the Lakeland website tho- to check that was THEIR undie drawer. I'd be a little envious if I thought YOU had such a beautifully organised set of drawers![oops, no pun intended]
Blessings xx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh yes, and yes again!
Releasing it is!
As you say, Morning pages are filled with all kinds of thoughts and the outpouring of our more negative thoughts is only a small part of this. I've found that most of my best and most creative ideas have come through morning pages - are you finding this too? Sometimes I get carried away and find an hour later I am still writing about the exciting idea which has popped up on the page ;-)
And isn't life so very much smoother when we put aside the compartments and see it all as aspects of one big whole picture.
Great thought provoking post again, Floss!
Denise x

Rebecca S. said...

Lovely thoughts, Floss, and true.