Monday, March 8, 2010

Rays of Sunshine (in the Gloom)

It's snowing here again! School transport has been cancelled and Son 1 is almost certainly going to miss a geology field trip this afternoon... Very disappointing. But here are some literal rays of sunshine! Each one is the image of the sun, created through our shutters yesterday morning. It's a lovely image to wake up to! Saturday was a really sunny day and Son 2 spotted this visitor on our primulas. It's a Hummingbird Hawk Moth.
We've never spotted one so early in the season!
They hover over the flowers very much like real hummingbirds.
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I've got two of my 'Treasure Chests' and some sets of vintage postcards, new in.


Em said...

Snow again! oh dear.
It is very cold here this morning.
What part of France are you? My father in law lives in St Cyprien near Perpignan.
Em x

Elizabethd said...

Snow...oh poor you! We have sun, but it is bitterly cold out in the garden so am staying in!

Book arrived thank you, next one on its way!

Tina said...

Oh no, not more snow! As you must know here is freezing cold but with a wonderful sunshine. Not sure how long it will last but it is/was very appreciated. Love the pictures of your flowers and their hummingbird like visitor. :)

Dawn said...

Good grief, not more snow! Please keep it in France. When will this winter end, I wonder?
Hope that moth doesn't catch a chill.

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

How lovely to have shutters, very French. I have not seen moths like yours since childhood, they are huge.

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Hi, Floss!
Glad to read you and yours are well.
Wow that Moth is beautiful! I do love how silent and fluffy they are :) Xx

Unknown said...

More snow?!! It is so gorgeous here to day, the sun is shining brightly and there is a real promise of spring! suzie. xxx

Jill said...

Oh, snow again, hope we don't get any, good job we went on that walk the other day !

Hugs RosieP x

Kissed by an Angel said...

More snow - oh no!!! Your poor flowers!!!

Rubyred said...

Snow?? Again, oh my!
It's sunny here today but very cold too! I let the heating go off for a couple of hours but that's all I could stand, even with woolies on!
Such pretty Primulas!
Have a lovely week
Rachel x

Anonymous said...

those moths are some of my earliest childhood memories! We would sit out on our porch in central Louisiana and enjoy the 4 o'clocks (night blooming flowers) and the hummingbird moths. Their larvae feast on tomatoes and related plants but I've never cared b/c I'm so fond of the moths! Thanks for sharing your photos. :)

Anonymous said...

i saw my first hummingbird hawk moth here in my garden last year and they are not easy to photograph - you got some lovely shots there :o)
sorry you've had snow again, how unseasonal! it's sunny here but cold, very very cold.
i finally posted the magazine(s)to mami, i included a little something extra for the long delay.
am slowly slowly recovering.
how are you with the thyroid thing? any better?
have to go feed my daughters little cat yuki, she is mewing loudly here =^.^= will be back to catch up on ore of the posts i've missed later.

lots of love xx


Lululiz said...

Oh no, not more snow! We have been enjoying some lovely sunny ( although very cold ) weather. I hope your snow was just a bit of a fluke.

Selfsewn said...

thanks for your comment!

If its any consulation we have had clear blue skies that entice me into the garden, until I step outside and feel the chill of the wind!


ps. we are def holidaying in france this year!

Nearly there Claire said...

Not sure that lovely moth will have survived my garden, how lucky you are!!! Such a clever boy to spot it too! Does his school have a nature table/journal? The photos would be very welcome I dare say.
I saw a Bumble Bee here yesterday, I believe that is a major sign of spring being here, not sure he'll be happy if we get your snow though.

Love C. X

Lola Nova said...

What an interesting moth, I have never seen one before.
Sorry to hear about the snow, it must be quite daunting. We had some glorious weather this last week but, rain is on it's way again, just in time for our out of town guests unfortunately.
The shop is looking splendid!

Ange said...

Today I had a giggle for the two cups I had left outside on the table yesterday afternoon in the sun were completely obscured by snow as of 4pm this afternoon. Managed to get the kids to school today - tomorrow is a complete other question! May be the Pibrac/Bretx ice olympics ... Love your primulas ;-)

Unknown said...

That moth is beautiful! Have you ever read Girl of the Limberlost?

Simple Home said...

Those flowers really are a ray of sunshine themselves. We get big moths here in the summertime, I'm not sure if they're the same kind. They do seem like birds though.

Joy said...

So that is what they are...Hummingbird Hawk Moths. I've seen them around my plants but didn't know what they were. They do look so much like hummingbirds, just tinier. Thanks for clueing me in.
Too bad about the field trip. That stinks it was cancelled. Last year my daughter's school cancelled their only field trip of the year because of swine flu. She was so disappointed. They didn't want all the kids to be on the bus together. I didn't really understand that, but oh well.
♥ Joy

Siggie said...

I have also always been wondering what those moths were called, I always thought they looked like hummingbirds, but I never realized they had the name Hummingbird Hawk Moths! I love them, they come around here in the summer.

We have snow too, oh how I wish it would go away fast! I was shocked to wake up on Sunday morning with the ground covered in at least 5 inches of snow and it isn't melting. Well at least we have Spring to look forward to.

Greetings, Siggie