Sunday, April 26, 2015

The first Vide Grenier in town!

Well here's a rare event - Floss has a photo to share!

Today was our town's first spring Vide Grenier. It's not the real biggie (I have a stand booked for that one myself) but I thought it would be worth a visit. I'm glad I turned up! I've only taken one photo but on it you'll see that I managed a fine selection of the nostalgic, the practical, the interesting and the weird. Take your pick as to which is which!

So I bought:

A Provençal quilt (single) and pillowcase for 3€. The quilt is already on our sofa and looks great.

A Dunoon mug for 50c (shameless copy of Emma Bridgwater but I like Dunoon all the same)

A '60s North African mirror in red, to match the blue one which is currently in Ben's Lyon flat, 2€

7 homes magazines, mostly in Spanish, 10c each

A dancing Russian doll, non-identical twin to my grandma's dancing doll, which I've recently inherited, 1€

A tasselled and sequined hanging from a hotel, circa 1920 I should think, 5€

The only problem with these great finds is that they're going to have to move with us - we're off to join Ben in Lyon in the summer! We're looking at rental houses, which will all be significantly smaller than our current pile. So de-cluttering has already started and I have to be careful.

Hopefully I'll put a few more posts here about our spring and summer near Toulouse, and from then on, I'll share some Lyonais posts with you.