Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sign up for A Pause in Advent 2013

It was nice to read in the comments on my post below that a good number of people would really like to join in the Pause in Advent this year!

The idea is to take time out from the rush and panic in the lead up to Christmas, and take some time to think about what we are really preparing for. This differs for every blogger - some of the most popular posts interpret it in a 'simple living, anti-materialistic' way, others throw in a good seasoning of spiritual thoughts, and there's usually a healthy dash of crafting, baking and traditions from around the world. Please join us if you'd like to contribute to this delicious feast of Advent thoughts!

This year Advent begins on Sunday 1st December, which is nice and neat! So the rules, as far as they go, are:
Post four times in Advent, either on the Sundays (1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd December) or on the following Mondays. Don't worry if you miss one or more, though - this is about resting and thinking, not feeling more pressure!
Use the ‘A Pause for Advent’ picture at the top of this post to link back to my blog, which will give the links to the other Advent bloggers.
Post about ANYTHING on your mind this Advent – traditions, family, craft, questions, hopes, experiences, faith … it’s up to you!
Visit the other Advent bloggers as you are able, to find out what’s on THEIR minds this Advent.

If you've already told me below that you'll join in, then you'll be listed in my sidebar once Advent begins. However, if you haven't told me already, please sign up in a comment on this post. And if you're not taking part, then please still come and visit and find out what people are up to around the world, as Advent begins!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fuzzy family photos

Hello and happy weekend! I've just had a look through the photos on my phone from November so far, in the hope that I could find something interesting to share with you, and this is the best I can come up with!
Three fuzzy individuals - Son 1, Raja the elderly dog and Wilson the lively young killing machine - in a fuzzy photo taken to send to Ben in Lyon!

We are muddling along quite happily, with lots of work and a few ailments - the usual for November! I've been thinking about A Pause in Advent - I hope I'll be able to do something for that now-yearly event. Would you like to join us?