Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vide Grenier at Bonrepos

'Empty Attics at Good Rest'! The charmingly named 'Bonrepos', which truly does mean 'good rest' had a Vide Greniers today (the literal translation is 'Empty Attics').
A Vide Greniers is pretty much like a car boot sale, although with fewer cars. For Americans, I guess it's a huge collection of garage sales.
There were a lot of 'brocante' sellers there - small sub-antique type collectables.
I only filled this much of my bag - does this mean it was an unsuccessful visit?Not at all! I felt positively like Kaari Meng at times with the things I was finding. I've no time or energy to photo them all or blog about them now, but I'll aim to give you the full report of my experience and finds tomorrow!


Shabby Chick said...

Ooh I will look forward to seeing your finds tomorrow! I'm v jealous of you finding posies, of the two I bought one is missing a leaf and lots are chipped! But I'm still happy with my haul :)

Mel xxx

Shabby Chick said...

By the way I keep forgetting to say I really like your new heading at the top! x

Sal said...

Looking forward to seeing your finds!! ;-)

Jeannette said...

Love those French vide greniers...I hope I will be able to go to one during my holidays.
And don´t forget to show us what you gathered today on your brocante hunt! ;))

Jeannette said...

Oh...I forgot to say it also. Duh!
I really adore the new creative and so troc broc!

beck said...

Hi Floss! Lovely to hear from you on my blog. Our cocker, Max, is a big old lover boy and very funny. He is actually only 2 and a half. He has a faithful offsider called Daisy, she is a spoodle (cocker/poodle). They love each other and have a lot of fun chasing & wrestling. They also harrass our postie which I am very ashamed about. Poor postie. Your blog is a breath of fresh air in my day...I love to see whats happening in your world. Hope we can become good blogger friends! x

abeachcottage said...

G'day, how much fun must that be, I am only wishing I could be there now! love france, especially around toulouse etc I am adding you and stopping here for a nose around...i should be doing housework, hee hee

This Vintage Life... said...

Oooh, I'll be back to see what goodies you bagged.
I've been admiring your little ones bunting...and on a lovely old machine too (I have one of those but just for display) I think a career beckons!