Friday, April 17, 2009

24 hours of flowers

We've had 24 hours of flowers here, outdoors...
and in...Yesterday afternoon Son 2 fulfilled his desire to get to grips with my sewing machine - I decided that he was safe to continue my bunting if supervised...He was great - on the technical stuff, as well as the sewing...We got the flags finished this morning!Meanwhile, Son 1 was down at our local lake, fishing with his friend Maxime. They never actually catch anything edible, but it's a great hobby! We took a break from the sewing to go and visit, and to collect more river pebbles...
The leaves are coming out on the trees.The trees reflect beautifully in the clay-pit lake, and the wildflowers are all around.
I'm not a flower expert, but I'll name the ones I think I recognise! I can only name them in English, not in French, though. Can you spot the periwinkles, creeping over the opposite bank of the stream?The streams and rivers are deep at the moment, with strong currents, so we keep Raja out of them.
Although she still finds plenty of water on the meadows!Son 1 was with me and the dog by this point, and we spotted stitchwort.And the little wild geranium, cranesbill (I know most of my flowers from the Flower Fairies - I can still quote parts of the cranesbill poem).Son 1 went off with Raja, and so missed the star of our walk, spotted by Son 2:Back at home, and wishing this blog had smellivision (for old fans of Blue Peter and Simon Groom), our ornamental olive is flowering and perfuming the whole area around the front door. It's the most restful scent...In the evening, Son 1 got interested in the sewing project, although he doesn't sew himself.He also resisted the general hilarity this morning, and declined to be photographed as a 'flower child'. He kindly volunteered Chanel as a 'flower cat', as you see.

We'll hopefully finish the bunting today, and we'll take some photos of its 'launch' in our home!

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Jeannette said...

Looks you had a great day too. ;))
Can I borrow your son, I really like his bunting skills! Give him my compliments.
A very nice weekend to you and your lovely family,

Shabby Chick said...

How cool to see a lizard! I think I need your son to teach me how to use a sewing machine ;)

Mel xxx