Monday, April 20, 2009

Going to the Vide Greniers

Come with me to the Vide Greniers at Bonrepos...They've blocked off the road through the village, so we have to park down the country roads and walk there...Past two memorials to the Maquis resistance fighters and civilians who died in the battle there...Here we are at the road block - the Vide Greniers runs right through the village - we'll see stalls all round the Mairie, the church, the village hall and even a pigeon tower! The Salle Polyvalent - the village hall, surrounded by stalls.First find - two cute little candlesticks, which need cleaning up but will really cheer things up this winter!
This stand looks interesting - it's run by two little old ladies. Look at the irises on this tiny piece of china! There are raised details - the texture is lovely.
The irises are around Mount Fuji - is this really Japanese, I wonder?
It's only a toothpick holder, but I think it's great! A quick look around - this is the view the old ladies are getting...But there's more on their stall! Two bundles of cards - 5 euros for the lot, which turn out to contain children in various costumes. They all seem to be collectors' cards from a local chicory coffee merchant.Loads of Catholic almanacs and memorials of First Communions from around 1907 - some very pretty pictures and sweet prayers. Look at the edging on this prayer card!And a bookmark from Lourdes, not far away. It says, 'At the Holy Cave I prayed for you'. The flower is hand painted.A few more cards which came from products - two perfumes and some bon-bons!Volcanoes seem to be a theme today - there is Mount Vesuvius, on the Pompeii perfume card, and on the back is a calendar from 1932.This fine avenue has led us to the centre of the village.The skies are still blue and it's quite warm!Here we are in the village centre.
Two little girls, for only 4 euros! 1920s, do you think?One book is almost empty, but the other has lists of meetings - the large writing is peoples' names, and the small notes above are 'Madame' or 'Mademoiselle'. There seem to be some shopping lists too.
Thinking of Mel's collection here! These china posies are tiny! Euch! A box of birds' wings! But what's underneath?Various bits and bobs of hat trimmings!Here are some terracotta birds on a modern pigeonerre - just an ornamental pigeon tower in the centre of a modern development where the stands continue! Householders have brought out tables and made their own 'garage sales' outside each house. Storm clouds gather and there is the occasional rumble of thunder, but no rain... Still dry! Here's some more brocante, in the shadow of the church.Oooh - you know I bought a cheap chandelier and am aiming to replace the plastic 'lustres' with crystal ones! One euro each...
'Clean them with dishwasher powder,' says the stall-holder. 'I put my whole chandelier in the dishwasher and it came up brilliantly!' he adds! They are pretty grubby, so I'll have to do something...
Time to head back to the car, but there's still plenty to look at on the way back.
A sort through a box of printers' plates turns up this:And I discover that I can't read backwards in French! The stallholder is a big help, and I'm able to decide on this one, for fine foods. He thinks it's rather amusing that I'm so interested in little bits of French history... but we all enjoy the chat.Back at the car, the obligatory flyers under the wipers about the next big events - I can't go to this one, but there will be others...So did you spot something you would have snapped up? Will you join me for the next Vide Greniers?


Sal said...

Well that was a real treat!
I love the two little girls...and the tiny china posies!
I think I'll hop over the channel to visit your
Vide Greniers! ;-)

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh yes I do like the posies! What a choice too. wish I could transport that stall here! The notebooks with the girls on are gorgeous too, and the millinery trimmings. What a great day :)

Mel xxx

Elizabethd said...

What interesting things you have at your sales. Sadly we tend to get very few Trocs here, and the ones that do run are a bit 'motheaten'!

Josie-Mary said...

ooh yes I'll join you on your next visit!!! Lovely things there, we all knew Mel would love the posies..LOL!!!
It is a small world, fancy you growing up in Exeter! I went to school in Crediton...QE, have you heard of it??? Used to come to Exeter to the Riverside under 18's...did you use to go?? Very cheesy 80's music... we all thought we were so cool then!!:)

beck said...

What a fantastic tour i have just has!! I loved all the photos and the commentary..I felt like I was there! Except I didn't come home with a bag full of treasures..gee those little girls are gorgeous. They were my absolute favorite. Looks like a lot of fun..thanks for taking me along x ps thanks also for popping in to visit me at my place, see you soon!

juanitatortilla said...

Hmm, hmm, hmm... Not sure what I'd want to get, but I will definitely want to join you in the next Vide Greniers!
I do wonder what you are going to do with these great vintage finds. We shall all wait and see.

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Oh, my Gosh... I discovered your blog from the French garden house. Good question, I think looking through your photos there, if I had the money, I would have cleared a few tables. Those ornamentla gold frames for one... I spotted a cup holding hand held fans...oh, I can keep mentioning stuff I spotted for a while.
I am Maltese but now living in US. My husband and I thought we might like to move back to Europe. Hmmm, he also mentioned France...That would be a dream come true...
Love youre blog. Glad I found it and I'm adding you to my favorites to visit again.


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

What a great place to TREASURE HUNT!
Love your TREASURES!
Debbie Moss

Anonymous said...

Thank you
I enjoyed that very much

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for sharing your day and the tour of the market.

The French Bear said...

Such a lovely post! What a great outing you went on, and some wonderful finds!!! It must be quite the experience living in France, I am so envious(but only in a good way)!!!
Margaret B

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Oh, to be in France in the spring...particularly wandering around this wonderful fair! Thanks for the tour, there were so many beautiful objects - you have an excellent eye and found super treasures!