Monday, April 6, 2009

Shopping in Edinburgh!

Well, the pound is low against the euro, and Ben not only suggested, but actually REQUESTED that I go shopping whilst in the UK! It's been a tough assignment, but I made it...
I walked up Dundas Street from my parents' house, passing Emma Bridgwater on the way. I like her pottery but it's darn expensive, and I didn't fancy carrying it home on the plane. Instead I bought a string tin and an overtly patriotic tin tray for our entrance hall - what will the neighbours think?My next stop was more unpredictable - my dad wanted a draught excluder and I thought of this charitable craft shop.
It sells crafts made by local people in need - they become members of the self aid society and the shop then sells their crafts. I found a great draught excluder and a few Easter presents for the boys - I'll blog about them when the boys have received them! I was very impressed by the quality, variety and price of the crafts - well worth a look if you're in central Edinburgh.Then off down the lovely George Street, (so much more pleasant than Princes Street, which runs parallel) to: Oooooooh!
I bought a lot. But not actually too much of an 'oops', because on my list for UK shopping were: a waterproof picnic mat that won't fall apart like the last two, a pair of waterproof slip-ons for the garden, a present for my sister-in-law... If you look closely, you will see that I actually managed all of that in CK, and for a pretty good price, too. And what fun I had... Just down the road to the noble Lakeland Limited, to see if they have any Easter Egg moulds...Nope, but I did get Ben some more jam labels - I think he may have run out by the time I get home! I resisted actually buying anything here: And here, but it was great!And took a well-deserved (?) break... Then off down Broughton Street, to a great independent shop I found last summer.
What a lovely necklace! And only £8!
Hurray for shopping in Scotland!

Tomorrow, I might just hit the charity shops. Or maybe the vintage shops in the Grassmarket. Or maybe I'll do some sewing. Tune in tomorrow to find out...


Shabby Chick said...

Mmm some lovely buys there! My best friend is back from Spain this week and she is loving the way the exchange rate is at the moment, she says normally when she comes back here everything is expensive but now it's cheap!

Mel xxx

juanitatortilla said...

I hope you've managed to do more vintage shopping, visit charity shops, and some sewing!
Wow, I'm feeling greedy just be looking at all the great finds you've snapped up. Who knew shopping in Scotland could be so fabulous?!?

Hollypop's said...

Looks like you're having a great time Floss. Some great buys too, lucky you.
Take care.

Elizabethd said...

Suffering major envy here!

Ashley said...

I am jealous shopping in the U.K. is so much fun.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Floss
Ooh my kind of day out! You have bought some lovely things.Very pretty necklace.
I haven't been to Edinburgh for a while. It's a great place to visit and to shop!
Isabelle x

Sal said...

I would love to have come shopping in Edinburgh!
Glad you found some wonderful goodies ;-)

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

What a wonderful day of shopping! Every store looked divine!

Jeannette said... we have to move to Edingburgh!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Yahhh, shopping at Cath Kidston would be though for me too...Not!!
My hubby would be sorry he ever suggested