Saturday, April 11, 2009

Home for Easter

Phew! I flew home overnight and it's lovely to be back! Thanks to Ali, at Betty and Violet, I had a ready-made great idea for an Easter display. I bought the painted eggs in Edinburgh, the tiny armoire at a Vide Greniers and the fat chickens come from a charity Christmas gift - the boys were given a chicken each for some needy families, and got these plastic hens to represent their gift! It's been pouring all day and the boys have played about 7 different games - here they're playing Lord of the Rings Top Trumps on top of the already-used Jungle Book Twister mat!
I went to the baker's and picked up this great hen bread for Easter morning. Please ignore the ceramic snake swallowing the England flag egg if it offends your sensibilities - it's just the kind of thing that happens when you allow a 10 year old boy to help you arrange an Easter table setting! Have a wonderful Easter!


Thecraftytrundler said...

You have a great Easter too!! The boys look as though they're having fun.
Love those buttons in your last post! I bought some last week to make a button necklace, have you done this before? I'm really looking forward to having a go.

Have fun!

Sharon xx

Ashley said...

Happy Easter!
I am at my in-laws and missing my hot-cross buns and later we will be having Ham instead of lamb. It is very strange to be away from home at special times of the year. I love your decorations and that bread looks pretty good too. Can't beat a french bakery!

Thanks for commenting on my interview - I am pleased it came off looking so good. I love her Jewelry.