Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Christmas Treasure Hunt

I had a quick look round Truffaut yesterday - one of those garden centres which has become so much more... and which is a glittering wonderland at Christmas!
It's ever so pretty, and although quite expensive you can even find British Christmas crackers there sometimes, so worth a look.
Every year they do different colour themes and concepts.

Have a look and see which one you like best!
So, the treasure hunt of my title is a little game I like to play on my own, every Christmas.
I call it: 'Hunt the baby Jesus'!
Now, this isn't a complaint that Jesus isn't more at the centre of Christmas in France.
After all you can't say: 'Christ is the centre of Noël' in the same way as: 'Christ is the centre of Christmas', can you? There's no reason for the secular French state to be expected to mention Jesus, or Christian things at all. In fact, there's every reason for a secular state to celebrate a secular winter festival, isn't there? I'm not complaining and I hope that I'm not triggering a set of complaining comments - in the UK and the US Christmas is a lot LESS secular than in France, let me tell you!
So my personal 'hunt the baby Jesus' is just that - personal. And of course, I did find him, among the traditional Provençal santons. I'm glad he's there. And he needs to be personal. He's not State Business, and we can't legislate for him to be in shops, or in hearts.
So, what do you think, and which colour/concept would YOU choose? You can answer either the sacred or the secular question, here..!


Angela said...

I loved the Santons - but was amazed how expensive they are. Do families accumulate the figures over the years?

I think 'au calme' is most appealing to me today in this flu ridden household!!

Advent blessings! x

Floss said...

Hi Ang - these santons are cheap compared to the hand-carved ones. Yes, I think people buy one a year, or a group each Christmas etc...

Shane Pollard said...

It's the same in New Zealand where I live Floss - not too much of the Christ in Christmas here - sadly...
I feel it is the greatest feast in the Church calendar

I was in France for my youngest granddaughters baptism this year - it was lovely!

I hope to join you for a 'Pause in Advent' next year. All the contributor's posts are inspiring.
Joyeux Noël
Shane ♥

Fat Dormouse said...

I have started a tradition with three friends and their families - every year I buy them another santon. So one friend just has the Holy Family at the moment, and are getting a donkey this year, one is getting their third King this year and another family (I started with them first) have all the major players and are getting a pig! Perhaps next year I'll buy them one of the traditional Provençal figures - the Madman, or the dancers. It's a lovely tradition, it supports a local artisan and it means I don't have to think too hard about what I'm buying them!!

Frances said...

Floss, I guess that I like all the colorways in those "secular" decorations, but really like the charming nativity scene the best. My most current post also tries to show a true Christmas spirit alive in my New York City neighborhood.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love colour at christmas... however I dont like the vivid blue lights that are all the rage over here in England... I love the nativity at the end... however I love the holly, berries and evergreens of the pagan winter soltice too... I just enjoy all aspects and view points... im greedy! ;D xx

Gumbo Lily said...

The Nativity is my choice of themes and then Au Calme. With all the clatter of commercial Christmas, He comes silently, quietly to those who will receive Him.