Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Second Pause in Advent 2010

So Advent feels like it's really begun, now. It's been an enormous pleasure, taking out the traditonal count-down decorations - in fact when I was a bit late getting organised this year, Son 2 started complaining:
'Notice anything MISSING, mum?'
I hastily put everything into place...The Advent wreath and candle are new this year, though. The one that features on the left here, in our Pause in Advent logo, has been getting steadily shabbier as little bits of candle wax and burnt patches have been added to it over the years. Ben, who likes things looking good (see next week's shelf post) rebelled against using it for another Advent, and went out to produce this simple but really very pleasing log candle-holder.
I decorated it with garden greenery (and of course with what Ben calls 'reddery'), some candles from the stash and the new Advent candle which is the twin of the one burning at Sarah's house in the UK - she tells me her giveaway prize arrived and has been admired by the church youth group!
There doesn't seem to be much 'reflection' in this post - just the realisation that family traditions, new and old, provide a sense of contentment and stability, however busy or complicated the times. They keep us in touch with each other and build up the wondering anticipation of what is coming.
Please do go and visit the other Pause in Advent bloggers - how wonderful to have increasing numbers on board! You are still welcome to join in by leaving a comment on this post. Have a great week.


BadPenny said...

Oh I like that.." anything missing Mum ?" Joe says that while peering into the shopping trolly looking for chocolate !

Catherine said...

Hello Floss, I'm delighted to join in with your "Pause in Advent" this week. Such a precious idea...thank you!! I've been wondering how you're doing after the loss of your dear Mum. I imagine that perhaps the familiar rhythms & rituals might be quite comforting at such a time. Much love to you & your family. Catherine.

Maggie said...

Christmas wouldn't be the same without Family Traditions to enhance our time together.

Heidi said...

I was telling a friend about your advent candle and she made one and loves it as do I.
one of my favorite traditions of Christmas is watching the advent candles go down week after week and we finaly light the pink one especialy as a little girl!

Unknown said...

What a lovely Advent wreath and so special! And I LOVE that candle! Perfect for Advent. I have to confess, I'm moving slower offline this month, as I'm mostly at my grandkids' house. Decorations are out but not up. They are coming over later this week to help me decorate though so that is good!

And there's still plenty of Advent preparation going on in our hearts with Advent stories during reading activities for grandparents and grandchildren when I'm at their house, prayers and plenty of Christmas praise and worship music!

I so agree with you - the traditions are a vital part of the Advent and Christmas season, adding an important richness full of your family memories! Another fun thing I strive to share with the grandkids. :)

By the by, I also have a holiday giveaway going on at as part of a caregiving Holiday Progressive party there and you are all invited for that as well as A Pause in Advent! :)

Thanks for another delightful week of Advent memories, ideas, and encouragement!

Angela said...

I LOVE the idea of 'greenery and reddery' - and think the new log based wreath is great. I thought of your family, Floss, this morning - in Church we were reflecting on those we love who will not be sharing Christmas with us this year, and I am sure there will be mixed emotions in your home over the coming days. Each year as we carry on family traditions, there is a sense of continuity, and happy family memories will bring joy. God bless you in those bittersweet moments x

aspiritofsimplicity said...

It's always nice to know that the traditions we do really mean something to our children. We do not just do them in vain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Floss,
I like your log candle holder and fresh greens from the garden. Reminds me of gathering fresh cedar branches to decorate our wreath when the children were younger. Traditions are good...

Luisa said...

I love the log candle holder! I am so late getting decorations together this year!
We have a shrub that grows in Australia called a callistemon (it has pretty red flowers)... you have reminded me to go and pick some...for some reddery!

Serenata said...

I'm so laid back about Christmas this year, we haven't even started our Advent countdown (unless you come my lovely advent swap gifts). Just got to get my assignment out of the way and then we will get started. Nobody seems to have noticed!