Monday, December 20, 2010

A Final, Final Pause in Advent 2010!

Thanks so much for your lovely, supportive and understanding comment on yesterday's penultimate Pause! Today I want this post to be about all the Pause in Advent bloggers - thank you so much for all your news, thoughts, ideas and inspiration over the last four weeks. Here is a selection of key words that I've picked up from you as I've been reading your Advent posts this year:
Some of the words are about what Advent means to us, and some are about what we hope for from the season. The bigger words are ideas that appeared many times. This is what Wordle can do for you! Clever Wordle.
So for you all, those who have posted and those who have read and those who have commented, I wish you every blessing for a Christmas full of:


Jen Walshaw said...

Thank you for hosting this again, It has been a real joy to take a pause out of what can become a very busy time. Sending you much love and blessings

Nina said...

Happy christmas dear Floss. Warm regards.

Jane and Chris said...

Thank you for facilitating Pause in Advent.It has been wonderful to share this time with so many others. Throughout your year of pain you have continued to bless us all with your fun and interseting posts.
Bless you and your family1
Jane x

A garden just outside Venice said...

I think I'd have picked up the same words!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Serenata said...

Thank you Floss for organising this again. Even if our posts aren't 'full' A Pause makes us think about what Christmas and Advent mean to us, which you have summed up with the wonderful words above.

Thank you again and manic laughing at your comment about a tidy house! ;-D

Anonymous said...

I add my thanks to all those above. It has been a good spiritual discipline to take a Proper Pause each weekend - and a great blessing too.


Carole said...

Well I don't post about it but I sure want to take my time and feel that Christmas is something about spirituality. Today I had to go in stores to buy the presents for my daughters - and I wandered aimlessly not liking anything I saw... I prefer baking cookies or making things and not forgetting that a Very Important Person was born. (and not one according to nowadays' consumerist standards !)
Warmest holidays wishes to all of you !