Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tiny Wonders

You can see from the little embroidered daisy how tiny these two things are. Son 2 found this teeny, tiny little sand dollar whilst sifting sand in the sand pit (yes, at the ages of 11 and 13 they still get an awful lot of fun - scientific and imaginary - in the sand pit).
He brought it in and put it quietly on the sideboard, where I found it some time later. "What's this?" I exclaimed. "I think it's some kind of tiny sea urchin," he correctly replied.
I have never seen anything so miniature.
Son 1 then wandered home from a dog walk with this miniscule jay feather.
Tiny little wonders of creation!
If you're in the magazine swap and haven't yet contacted your partner, you should be able to find all you need in the post below. I've had a few emails to sort out problems - please don't hesitate to contact me if there's anything else to be resolved!


E. Charlotte said...

Love the minis! What an adorable sand dollar! I've never seen one quite that small! :D

Serenata said...

I just love the wonders of creation, large and small. :-) They never stop bringing me pleasure so it is good to see others amazing over them as well.

I haven't heard from my swap partner yet, emailed her yesterday, but it is early days yet.

Sonja said...

Oh my goodness, such tiny detail. That dear stitcher must have squinted something terrible.

Betty said...

Pretty finds from nature are definitely best, aren't they.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

It's so cute. I can imagine it stitched onto some needle work. Some embroidery threads wrapped over it to secure it in place. The little holes make it look like a button to me. Glad to hear your boys still know how to play - it's so important.

Kit said...

So very tiny and so very pretty! Love it! Kit

carol at home said...


Luisa said...

I love your sons tiny little treasures!
Sorry I couldn't do the mag swap this time...I been so swamped! But if you ever do a third one (!!) count me in.

harmony and rosie said...

Adorable. Love the vivid colours. x

Heidi said...

Oh what beautiful treasures that feather is so delicate....thank you for including me I will email her today!!!