Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pretty and Thrifty

Here are some pretty pictures of:
Salads and flowers from our garden,
and thrifted vintage ribbons and threads.
Cheap and cheerful, as they say!
Now, bear with me (lol) while I say a little bit about yesterday's post. It's amazing how issues like spelling bring out strong emotions in us. Some of you have apologised for bad spelling, which was not my intention at all! My jokey post was more in the way of a light-hearted tutorial - you can teach me how to crochet, and maybe I can teach you to picture a big, black bear in your mind when you want to type the phrase 'bear with me'!
In actual fact, if you CAN teach me how to crochet, that would be the real miracle. Is there such as thing as crochet dyslexia?


VintageVicki said...

There must be - I have it. I can do a chain but just can't grasp what you do next!!

Your 2nd picture has given me an idea ;)

Heidi said...

Your garden goodies look great and I too am unteachable when it comes to knitting and crocheting. My sweet girlfriend kept trying and she even gave up, Oh well It's nice to know your out there with the same problem.

My Mom came home yesterday!

Jen Walshaw said...

I adore the reels, threads and ribbon they look great. Oh and dont worry about the english teacher bit, I just wanted to explain that my brain works faster than my fingers!

Kathryn @ Loved and Used said...

Hi Floss,
Thank you for your lovely comments about my picture - not sure how it was made but I just love it.I will try & find out and let you know.
I am also a Christian and have spent most of my life going to the same Baptist Church - so I also collect Sunday School certificates and any other type of certificates given in Church.They are all framed and adorn my downstairs cloakroom !! Great reading whilst you sit & contemplate !! I love your reels of threads & ribbons - you can never have too much ribbon .. xx

Kit said...

All I could ever manage is a Granny Square and my mother is the championship crocheter of the world! LOL I will stick to cross stitch. :) Kit

Marigold Jam said...

I never managed to crochet as per the instructions but did teach mytself to do it whilst holding the hook more like a knitting needle and winding the thread round it. It worked for me anyway and I can follow a pattern but I couldn't teach anyone to crochet as I don't do it the right way myself!


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

No I don't think so, you just need the right instructor or tutorial. If I can crochet, basic stuff only, then you can. You need to find one of those motion picture ones so you can see exactly what's happening or better yet, get someone to come and sit with you. You can do it!! Oh and I do love your salads and spools very much.

Autumn Mist said...

I am still trying to fit in some crochet time and am hoping I can do it as I wasn't keen on knitting. I'm with Kit and prefer to cross stitch. I love the ribbons, too, an essential item in my house.

French Nanny said...

Hey Floss!

I made a DVD some years ago on how to crochet. Shall I copy it for you? If so, email me your address!