Monday, September 20, 2010

New Life for Old Shoes

It seems fitting that this is my post to celebrate Tif Fussel's birthday - Happy Birthday, Tif! Firstly, the reason I didn't buy new shoes, was that I was spending a year along with Tif and many other bloggers, without buying new stuff. The Challenge of the Utmost Kind. But the shoes have finally been retired, and, like so many other bits of footwear round our house, have been turned into planters. I think they look fun and I enjoy still being able to see them. However, they have another second life (or I suppose, a third life...) on the internet now, thanks again to Tif. When she saw my post about the poor, dead old shoes going for a final walk with me through our town, she suggested the photos would go down well on the Flickr page for Shoegazing, which is run by Uppercase Magazine.
Thanks to Tif, several of the more interesting photos from that walk are now in the Shoegazing pool, and this one, above, has been shortlisted for further attention. I don't think it'll get past the shortlist, but it's fun to be a part of something in the world of publishing!


Mise said...

And how did the Challenge go, Floss? Did you enjoy it? Could you manage another year?

Lululiz said...

Shoegazing, lol, the internet never ceases to amaze me. I had no idea something like that existed. Sounds interesting though, will have to go and have a look.

Angela said...

Hi Floss - I love the planters!
I have tried to email you twice this month and they keep bouncing back!
What am I doing wrong????

Anonymous said...

So cool!

Shirl x

Heidi said...

I heard about that challeng to late in the game, but I'd love to hear how it went by the way those are great shoes!

Kandi said...

What a lovely idea, it would have been a shame never to see those shoes again.
Kandi x

Joy said...

Tell us more about your year of not buying new items. Maybe you have and I've missed it. I'm so curious.
That is the perfect new home for your faithful footwear. They took you many miles and now they can rest and be a good home to your beautiful plants.
♥ Joy

magsmcc said...

Oh, Floss. I've had a rotten day and now the shoes are retired. Oh!