Friday, June 1, 2012

Why I AM Celebrating the Jubilee!

This mops up the topic of Why I Will Be Celebrating the Jubilee, which was a little series I did earlier this month. The final reason really is that there is so much tradition of royal celebrations in my family. Like so many of the rest of you I have fond memories of waiting, bored yet excited, to see the Queen's coach pass for the Silver Jubilee. Our house was full of royal memorabilia - I thought it all belonged to my Grandma and my Mum, but it turns out that a lot of it had been collected by my dad. Who bought this, though?
Isn't it wonderful? I don't have it - it's still at my dad's home.
It's very small, and probably lead, I suppose. But what a wonderful history of Britian can be followed through a collection of royal goodies!
I do have these at home - the George VI coronation book (charity shop last year), George VI coronation pin cushion (my mum's collection - I never saw it before I started sorting through drawers) and British tin (Troc Shop here, for some reason!) I'm more uncertain about modern British patriotic memorabilia, but you will note I generously allowed a Matthew Rice design to grace my collection...

Have a wonderful Jubilee weekend! We will be partying with Brits and (confused) French people at another English home in our town!


catkin tales said...

your father's coach and horses is quite amazing! i must show it to my son, as he is very keen on that sort of thing.
i like your collection of memorabilia too, the book must be very interesting.
how lovely to be celebrating with friends. i shall be getting some much needed relaxation following a house move, putting my feet up and reading (hopefully in the garden). i shall also be having a celebration tea with family.
i hope you have a fab weekend and that we both get some sunshine :)

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh wow Floss that is a serious treasure I absolutely LOVE IT! we could open a little museum between us! Tee hee, have a wonderful weekend,

Sarah -x-

Maria said...

Hello Floss,
Thank you kindly for your sweet words on my blog.
I feel we have lost at possibly the same time.
I loved your post and agree with the comment from Sarah; Such treasure!
Have a fabulous weekend!
I know your will be flying the flag for Old Blighty!
Love Maria x

Carole said...

It's a shame I live so far away (and I have so many papers to correct, but that's another story), I would have loved to celebrate with you. My sister is in London this week-end with her husband... so lucky !

Selfsewn said...

Enjoy the celebrations in France!
Love those tins Floss

The Custards said...

Oh my oh my - the coach and horses are a true wonderment. I would be trotting along with those