Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Thrill of What You Already Have - June Picture

This month's picture seems topical - I'm constantly being engaged in conversation with French people on the subject of the Royal Family at the moment, and Saint Andrews seems to come up a lot:
Here are two different web-versions of the poster on my calendar. Mine is very strong and clear, with a lovely bright peacock-blue sea, which neither of these pictures seems to capture! But when I try to take a photo of my own, it really goes all wrong. So please enjoy the sand, the sea, the ancient stones and the prospect of golf and royal marriages just around the corner...


Jane and Chris said...

I promise my interpretation will have nothing to do with golf!
Jane x

Maria said...

Hiya floss..
just catching up with your sweet blog..
Am loving the thought of strolling around the Basilicia church!
sounds wonderful!
Also found your blog meaning very meaningful!
Enjoy your weekend....
Love Maria x