Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Thanks for your comments about the white roses and other garden flowers in my last post! The roses are still in their first enthusiastic burst of flowering, so we are picking them whenever they are dry enough. (Which means not today, for sure!)
This is the first year that our roses have really flowered so generously. Ben pointed out recently that we've now spent longer in this house and garden than anywhere we've ever lived before. You can see from my life story, highlighted in the sidebar, that we moved a lot before settling here in France. It's lovely to spend long enough in a home to see things really develop - the roses we planted in the first few years are now repaying us lavishly, the veg garden thrives as Ben applies the knowledge gained from previous years... There is still plenty more to do, and the wonders of photo-cropping tend to show you only the pretty bits of our house and garden, whilst the reality includes barren earth beside a long hedge in the garden and the usual heaps of family-related junk around the home. But I am actually coming to love the reality, including the functional and non-beautiful stuff, instead of hankering after something picture-perfect. How about you?


Pom Pom said...

Oh, definitely! Picture perfect eludes us for a reason, I think. Real is best. I do like pretty images, though. I like the appreciation of beauty that is an immediate encouragement.
We've lived longest in our current/forever home, too. I like the feeling.
Have a good day, Floss. Your roses are lovely and I am praying for some sunshine!

Alex said...

So lovely! Red roses smell diffent..richer, spicier..I once had some perfume called Red Rose from Floris - it was heavenly!
They discontinued it years ago, sadly.

You know I'm very much aware of the illusory nature of blogging, (or at least it can be)but I also
agree with PP - the beautiful inspires, and that is so important.
Your roses have shared their God- reflecting beauty among many this way...I think that's briliant!
xxx H /A

Serenata said...

Isn't it funny, I too have lived longest in this home than anywhere before (although my parents still live in the house we moved into when I was 16) I love our house and garden, even though both still need a lot of work, but as you say to see the fruits and rewards of your labour in nature is very inspiring.

Lola Nova said...

What gorgeous roses, these and the white from your last post!
We have one ancient rose that has been sorely neglected for the last several years. It is now growing up, up and away and blooming in the apple tree (also neglected).

Picture perfect is nice from time to time, but it doesn't show the actual living that you do in a home and garden. And the living is the best part!

polkadotpeticoat said...

Beautiful roses and I'm in love with that perfect blue plate underneath too!!!

Maria said...

Hiya Floss,
I agree we have lived in our home for what must be 16 years and it still is a work in progress....
But hey ho, it's just a house after all.
Loved your garden roses, felt I could smell them.
They always remind me of dear Mum picking some from our large garden for me to give to my teachers at school..
Do children still do that! ( I wonder)Maria x

Lorrie said...

Hi Floss, what gorgeous roses. I'm with you on snapping photos on the best corners of my home - this is a place where we live and it's not all magazine perfect. But as PP said, beauty does inspire.

Hoping for some warmth here so my roses will continue blooming.