Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The rough with the smooth... the smooth with the rough!

I had a bit of fun playing with juxtapositions last night - I put a rough horn tankard filled with garden cuttings, next to Ben's silver Christening bowl, on a hand-woven, goats' hair mat. Rough and smooth; dull and gleaming; European, American and Asian; 19th, 20th and 21st century: hand-crafted-all.

Don't you love the silver fish tongs (for sugar), and this cheery little Inuit tooth-topped spoon?

A happy chappy. I didn't buy him so I don't feel any guilt about the tooth's former owner.

I only meant to post about the physical juxtapositions of this display but it struck me today that our life is full of juxtapositions too: illness and operations (Son 1's knee again), sweet gestures of affection, exhaustion and concerns, beauty and blessings.I think that in the past I spent too much time 'getting through' the hard times. I didn't notice that, juxtaposed with them, were sweet and beautiful times. Now I think that looking at those beautiful times is what's meant to give us strength to deal with the tricky parts of life.


polkadotpeticoat said...

Floss that was so beautifully said.....and a huge thank you for the information on the book when I bought it I was visiting the shop owner and I said I think its French and she disagreed with me...I loved it. Now I will be able to maybe read it to Mimi.
P.s. loved the fish tongs and your display.
so sorry to hear about son's surgery....poor thing.

scrumptious days said...

I hope your son is up and about soon, your post was lovely and as usual, thought provoking.

Scarlet said...

Just the post that I needed to read today. Thankyou.

Carol said...

Lovely post, thought provoking, very apt for me today.
Hope you son is soon recovered.
Carol xx

Kit said...

You said it perfectly. We appreciate the good times so much more when we have endured some bad times. I for one am happy that my life ebbs and flows. So much more interesting. Kit

Betty said...

Hope sons knee is going to get sorted, I liked your post today, when we are in difficult times we do indeed fail to see the good things - until we get through it all.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Sweet post. It is the rough times that make the good times so blessed. Happy day to you, Floss.

Sarah said...

I quite agree, and I echo what Scarlet said - it was just the post for me today too.

Frances said...

Floss, you write well in expressing questions that many of us share. I'm a bit older than you and continue to try to give as much weight/time to joyeous thoughts and experiences as I might naturally be inclined to donate to sadder versions.

This is not always easy, but I do find it helpful. xo