Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unsure as eggs is eggs...

I'm trying to think through our options here - a local friend is selling her hen house, netting for the run etc. We've talked about keeping hens for years, and the boys will certainly be keen. But we can't weigh up the pros and cons properly - maybe you kind readers could help!

On the plus side:
Ben's really good at building things and animal care.
We have a big garden.
I'm around at home quite a lot.
The boys will help (Son 2 loves animals and Son 1 wants to earn money!)
We eat a lot of eggs and I don't like buying eggs from possibly unethical sources.

But on the other hand:
Raja likes getting through fences and could be dangerous (she's a Cocker Spaniel).
We go away a few times a year and Raja and Chanel the cat already have alternative arrangements - how do you organise chicken care?
I get quite stressed when animals are ill/hurt.

What do you think, friends?

Please do have a peep at my two posts about the embroidered map, below. If you can't find your county/city of choice, do make a request for my next post!


Gill said...

Hi Floss
I keep chickens and I have done for years! I would encourage everyone to keep a few chickens but please think about foxes and caring for your chickens while you are away - these can be a problem for a lot of would-be keepers!

Sherri B. said...

I encourage you to say a big "yes" to this idea. Chickens are a fairly easy responsibility for kids (and adults too) and bring much joy. I will always keep chickens. As for the sadness when things go wrong...well, it isn't fun but if you are thoughtful about doing the best to keep them safe then that is all you can do. - Leaving them when away does take planning but with proper feeders and watering equipment makes it easier. Usually if you ask someone you trust to 'check in' on them and take any eggs home, you won't have too much trouble finding a 'happy' helper. - I'm sure you will have many comments on this and offers to help with any questions...I am offering now, you can email me with any questions and I will help any way I can. - My ending thought is, the pros out weigh the cons not matter what way you look at it. xo

Autumn Mist said...

Having chickens will change your life! I know you say you have a big garden, BUT, wherever you let them roam, they will wreck! They dig up grass, plants etc, so you need a run for them and a shed to put them away at night. They need a proper chicken feed, corn for a treat and grit if your ground has no chalk (ours was clay and without grit their shells are soft). You won't make money on it, but the eggs are fabulous. They must have access to clean water all the time, obviously. You need to clean their run out every single day. Their only real enemy is redmite but mine never had it (google it for more info). Our chickens could jump over our stable doors quite easily. If you need to know anything else, just ask!

VintageVicki said...

If you were nearer, I'd suggest a chicken share - I'd love some but MrVV is not keen :(

However I won't give up - one day I will win ;)

Serenata said...

I would LOVE to keep is something I am always on at hubby to let me do, but he said our house is enough like a farmyard as it is! Not sure we really have the space now to keep them with two large offices in the garden. I had chickens when I was a teenager and loved them. Yes there is the worry about what to do when you go there anyway you can investigate care for them by the neighbours of friends before you get them to sound the possiblities out.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

It is a yes on the chickens; you will figure out the management issues. How wonderful to have eggs that are fresh and always available as little presents each time you need them.

Angela said...

Oh please don't ask me. I DREAM about having my own chickens!
If I were in your situation right now I would be in AGONIES of indecision.

Please let us know what you decide!

Mum said...

Just popping by to say thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. Sorry I can't help with the chicken debate but you seem to have more positives than negatives. I have to suggest one picture missing from your map and that is Blackpool Tower in Lancashire. It was built between 1891 and 1894 so would have been around when your picture was embroidered.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted chickens!
I even thought about having quail(or should that be quail?) as an alternative, when we were living on an estate, as there was a rule against keeping livestock! I'd say 'go for it, if you are on good terms with the neighbours, so much te better. The only reason I can think on the negative side is possible rats...but you are never more than 10m from a rat anyway, they say!!!
xxx Hazelnut

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant quailS or quail!