Saturday, April 7, 2012

A quick note on Christian words

As I've been writing the story of my life, much of which is linked to my experiences of faith in God, some of you may have been wondering about the Christian words I use, or choose not to use. For those who've struggled through the Christian bits but are more interested in the rest - thank you for sticking with me! I've tried not to use Christian jargon but to tell things how they are, using everyday language. I hope it worked.
For those who (like me) have been trained to look out for certain key words and phrases, here's an explanation of why I've tried to avoid them: I believe very deeply in sin and salvation, in Jesus' death for me and in my acceptance him as personal Lord and Saviour. I find phrases like 'washed in the blood of the Lamb' are so important and so powerful that I feel uncomfortable in bandying them around just to prove to myself or to someone else that I'm saved. I hope that, by using non-jargon words to describe my conversion and walk with God, that I've been able to convey the truth of this in my life rather than cloaking it in what must seem to many to be off-putting, mysterious language. Again, I hope it worked...

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Betty the Wood Fairy said...

I agree Floss, I don't like jargon either, I have an annoying habit of categorising people when they use certain phrases, i.e. catholic, which I know I shouldn't do! I think some people who are searching for the right faith are put off by unfamiliar phrases so you were very wise, Bettyx