Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Pause In Lent - Reflection on the Cardinal Virtues

Hi, and welcome to the final Pause in Lent 2012 - it's Palm Sunday! I really appreciated my blogging break and I also appreciate your kind words and your understanding of the fact that I haven't been around to read your (surely excellent) Pause in Lent posts until now.I was thinking about which of the Cardinal Virtues that I haven't covered should be the subject of my last post, and I just couldn't choose! Instead I decided to just think about the idea of the virtues as a whole. This won't take long...
What I've been thinking is that, until last year, I thought that these lists of 'nice things' were rather sacharine and cute. They seemed to be about pretending that nasty things don't happen, and didn't appear a realistic way to look at life - similar to the way that I thought about Paul's exhortation to think about 'whatever is good' (I did a post about that last Lent). An alternative way to look at them was that they are all rather dull and hard work - how could a real life full of these virtues be anything other than worthy and unpleasant?As I discovered last Lent, however, choosing to think about the good things, and choosing to live with sacrificial virtues rather than 'a bit of fun', turns out to be neither twee nor bleak. It turns out to be the best way to actually go on living and loving and thriving and growing. Drat. Teenaged cynicism is given its final death-blow. Life is fun and God is good! How hard can that be, really?


Elizabeth Rimmer said...

A sci-fi book I once read had the quote 'it's so trite because it's so true' which kind of sums it up. It's only when you need to say it often, often, often, that it gets to sound like a cliche! A good post to wind up with, Floss, thank you!

Angela said...

Yes Life is FUN and God is GOOD - and His Grace is UTTERLY AMAZING.

Hosanna today - but roll on Easter Sunday's Hallelujahs!!

Blessings xx

Fiona said...

Life can indeed be fun and our God is Good. Easter blessings to you!

Alex said...

I like this Pause post! It describes so much of the challenge of being a Christian. It resonates with me a lot, anyway.
And I love the sunny ending.:)
We just need to get on with it, do our best, accept the Wonder of it joyfully and thankfully.
Thanks for this!
xxx H

magsmcc said...

This has been a really interesting Lent, Floss! I haven't been at all worthy of the challenge, but I have very much indeed enjoyed reading what everyone has had to interpret and share this year- and the pictures were amazing too! You have such a ministry here! Happy Easter!

Carolyn Phillips said...

Life is Fun and God is Good - I love this Floss and love you. Thank you.

Jane and Chris said...

Floss, I mentioned (via blog comments) to Carolyn that I had been a bad Pauser this year by missing two weekends,but that it's OK because God understands. THAT'S IT!! God does understand, and that statement hit me like a ton of bricks..that this is the basis of my faith. God alone knows me and understands.
Thank you or this time of self reflection, Floss.
Jane xx

Betty said...

Your post reminded me of a song we sing in church ...'God is good to me, he gave me life and set me free'
I have missed a couple of pauses but sometimes I think if I haven't got anything relevant to say, best keep quiet! I have, however, been reading the other posts and they have been really good for me to focus on during my prayer time.

Kaye Swain said...

Grandkid duties made me REALLLLY late this week, but what I wasn't doing for Lent online, I was blessed to be doing offline with the grandkids.

One thing that has been a highlight for us this year is the way all our conversations about Jesus' death and resurrection and ascension to heaven have led to so many questions from them about Heaven - and what it is like. I keep reminding them that the various trials we experience here will be GONE when we are in heaven - hooray!

And the grandkids and I have decided to learn more about heaven so in a couple of weeks, that will turn into our summer project - hmmmm, I foresee even more intriguing and thought-provoking questions. Should be quite interesting, just as this sweet Pause in Lent has once again been very interesting. Thank you, again, Floss, for hosting it - even in the midst of your own busy goings-ons. You're in my prayers :)