Monday, September 6, 2010

September Pink

This month, Niki's beautiful calendar is pink. This is easy - I've been doing pink for most of the summer, to go with these lovely cosmos flowers, and some potted geraniums, too. Have a quick peep at the real thing.
Look how my little Vide Grenier jug is similar to the one here! I had put it away, because the roses and pink seem so 'early summer' to me, but it's fun to have it back out in September.The cosmos which has dictated my colour-schemes has been out all summer too. Here's a bunch of it with our anniversary card - back in late July/early August. Well colour-coordinated card - congrats to Ben's brother!The fabric under my flowers is really lovely - have a check on the details on the selvedge:
It's part of a great pack of 'pink-themed' vintage and retro craft items my sister bought me in Sydney! She's the well-travelled, glamorous one in my family, pictured here in the very act of buying my present...
Thanks to so many of you who've left great comments on my giveaway - I find it really interesting and encouraging to hear about your resolutions. With or without resolutions, you can still enter - please click here. I'll leave it open for a week.
And there is also still time to enter our simple magazine swap - the more, the merrier! Click here.
Have a lovely week, folks. It's the first full week back at school and my timetable is still looking very un-fixed. I'm going to have to spend the week pinning people down - wish me luck!


LissyLou said...

i love those gorgeous dark cerise pinks!

Kelly said...

Pink is such a great colour! That little jug is gorgeous!!!

Mommy of Monkeyshines said...

I loved the picture of you in the background and the Country and City book! Very cute!!

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Such lovely pinks! It used to be my daughter's favorite color when she was very little, now she's onto green (but those two colors do so well together)! ;)

summerfete said...

Hi Floss

Just checked out your Brittany post.
You cant go wrong with that part of France really, isnt it lush!
We will def be returning.

ps.I have been sat here sewing up ginger breadmen/women, quite apt.


silverpebble said...

Yoo hoo - I see you! That little jug is divine Floss and cosmos are always a winner. I'm enjoying mine too x

Serenata said...

I do love your little displays, something very special and thoughtful about them. Lovely sweet jug as well.

Autumn Mist said...

The jug is absolutely lovely. Hope you enjoy the new term.

Sarah said...

I do love those flowers! Now I love what you are giving away, but I absolutely refuse to enter as the postage cost would be rediculous. Seriously and I won't be convinced otherwise. And I'm sure your glamourous sister doesn't have it all. I bet you wouldn't swap what you have for her lifestyle.

Elyse said...


i have been so behind on blog visits all summer long.

i love the photo of you in the mirror. it is so cool, fresh and fun!