Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Magazine Swap Partners, plus: What's black and white and red all over?

I've had a lot of fun reading all your magazine swap comments, and I THINK I've paired people appropriately. However, just get in touch with me if there's a problem!
So, here is my list of swap partners. Please go to the swap post comments to find the link to your partner's blog, and to read about what they're hoping for. Do also take the time to read their blog to see what they are interested in, and then please get in contact with them to swap names and addresses, and to ask any further questions.

Elizabethd and Lorrie

Magsmcc and MaggieB

Beckimarie and Sherri B

Mrs Yappy Dog and Floss
Sew Obsessed and Heidi

Vintage Vicki and Joy

Rose & Bird and Magpie Chic

Selina and Floss

Green Thumb and Lemonade & Lamingtons

Toby Tea Cosy and Lexiloo

Kathryn @ Loved & Used and Whosies

Country Girl and Freddie

Angela and Carole

Jille and Serenata

The Vintage Gardener and Ulrike

Maria and Natasha

Fayefayesparkle and Pondside

Shirl and Paula

Amanda and Barbara

Claire and Dosierosie

Handmade Happiness and The Mintons

Dee and The Hausfrau (I have email contacts for Dee)

Karen and Dawnspatch (I have email contact details for both.)
Nana Go-go and Floss
I have really enjoyed buzzing around to all your blogs and finding out more about the swappers, who are once again from all round the world. If you don't hear from your partner within the next few days, or can't find them, please do let me know. Other than that, this is the October Edition Swap, so please get your magazines plus a little card or note out to your partners by early October. Obviously, packages crossing the Atlantic or the Equator will take longer, so do be patient with your partner if you are far apart! And have lots of fun, and post about the magazine you receive, and let me know when you've posted about it! That's all I have to say on the subject, I think.

So now, magazines are colourful and read all over, but to go back to the original ancient joke, what's black and white and red all over? A newspaper - of course- and you know that newspapers are part of my Rentrée resolution, and perhaps you also know that I am getting overwhelmed with the amount of recycling this creates! (Sorry Serenata, no go on the guinea pigs much as I adore them.)
But here is one newspaper which put in sterling service yesterday, in the doctor's waiting room. First I read it. Then Son 1 read the bits that had caught his eye while I was reading it. Then we played noughts and crosses. Then we played hangman. Then the hangman got a bit crazy:
Then we occupied ourselves with colouring in each 'hole' in a letter in a different way. Son 1 briefly developed this technique to include appropriate illustrations for each headline - tools inside this article about an Airbus mechanic.Then we found a green page and I issued the instruction: Draw anything as long as it's green. We enjoyed the results. Anyone spot Gordon the Green Engine?After about two hours (the first spent reading, the second on the newspaper) we were on to anagrams and number puzzles: And Greek (sigh).

By about the third hour of waiting I was being sent plaintive messages (which you may or may not be able to read):
And finally, after 3 and a half hours, we got in and were given impeccable treatment! I guess it's one of my previously unwritten resolutions to take the boys to the doctor whenever they are ill - it's the French way, and is so against my 'leave it alone and it will get better' NHS mentality. But I've noticed that French children miss fewer days of school, so I'm going full-on with French medical behaviour this year. Until I change my mind, I suspect - watch this space...


KATHRYN said...

Thrilled thrilled thrilled - thank you very much for choosing me ! Huge hugs acroos the sea Kathryn

Natasha said...

Thank you so much for organizing this! I will get in touch with Maria right now.

Best wishes,

Amanda said...

This is such a good idea, thanks for doing this. I hope it all goes well for everyone and would love a Christmas/ December swap.

marigold jam said...

I know what you mean about the French medical system and have to say I prefer our NHS Let's leave it and see attitude. I really didn't benefit from being asked "Have any of your family died of colon cancer?" when all I had was a tummyach which soon disappeared!! I can do hypochondria without any assistance from le medicin!! Vive le difference though.


Karen, Surrey said...


I am sorry you've had trouble getting my e mail address, it's karenwaterman@btinternet.com. I hope this means I can still participate.

don't hesitate to contact me.

Jane and Chris said...

Gosh! THREE hours wait at the Drs!
I guess the patients have their own patience!

Sherri B. said...

Thank you Floss for taking the time to organize the swap. I will contact Beckimarie at once, this will be so much fun.

I will never complain about the waiting time to see our Doctor again!

Heidi said...

My Mom and Dad would always tease me when the boys were younger I would run them to the Dr. for everything and they use to say It will go away so when I was reading your post it made me laugh , 3 1/2hours that would have cured me.....I'm so bummed I missed your mag swap that sounds like alot of fun.

Lemonade and Lamingtons said...

OOh very exciting!! Michela contacted me and I have chatted already re magazines...looking forward to this *a lot*!

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Thanks Floss, my first swap, how exciting! Thanks for hosting it! x

Nana Go-Go said...

Oh Boo! I`m not on the swap list although I`m almost positive I added my comment. I`ve had the button on my sidebar for ages! If there`s anyone spare, can I still join in? If not, I`ll just wait for the next one.
Our doc`s surgery doesn`t have an appointment system, you just go along and wait but I`d much rather wait for 2 or 3 hours and see the doc that day than wait 1 or 2 weeks for an appointment!

Floss said...

Nana Go-Go, you are now IN! It's true I can't find your comment, but I think I remember it - how odd. At the moment I'll partner you, unless another 'missing person' gets in contact!

Serenata said...

Floss, you must have the patience of a saint to wait three hours...unless I or the boys were in dire need, I think we would have been long gone, impeccable treatment or not!

Thank you so much for organising this swap as well it must have taken you ages to sort! I have sent my swap partner an email :-)

Oh no piggies for your newspaper...how sad ;-)
I will get hubby to take a picture of me in my new suit tomorrow! Goodness knows what footwear I'm going to wear though...I only do flats!

magsmcc said...

Very excited about swap- you're so pro-active! Am relieved that the joke turned out as it did- we had a much more morbid version when I was young! Well done on such a creative wait- but then, would we have expected anything less?! Off to visit my swap partner tout de suite!

Green thumb said...

Hi Floss, thank you for your effort for pairing up so many people with such different requests, I've already sent my magazine to Lisa
..and wouldn't mind another swap at Christmas time as Amanda suggested :-)

The Hausfrau said...

Sorry about the lack of email contact for me--the fault of the lovely Google/Blogger sign-in process! Here's my email: diclarkjapan@yahoo.com. Would you please either forward my email address to Dee or send me hers? Thank you!

Whosies said...

yay! can't wait to get started on the picking of what to send.

my blog is http://patchworkposse.com/blog