Monday, July 16, 2012

A little revolutionary music, and some answers

I do hope you'll take the time to listen to this lovely song, which is from a musical about the French Revolution that's currently very big over here! It sounds quite a lot like the music we sing at church, and also seems fitting to my 14th July post about the French character... Do you want to know my two (and a half) things I've adopted since living here? Ang wasn't quite right:

I'm much better at not eating between meals. It actually is quite hard to buy a snack here anyway, which has got to be good for you. And of course I've lost weight!

Yes, as people guessed, I do put a cloth on picnic tables. A very pleasant thing to do...

And equally lovely is the polite greeting of people in shops, people who are eating, etc. Of course I do that! Very civilised.

The rest I am pretty much a failure at.

Would you like a translation of the words of the song? You can find one here.


Angela said...

Lovely song.
Only kidding about your underwear!!

Floss said...

Lol - I got it, Angela! In fact, the one you were most off on was the wearing clothes that suit me, rather than what I feel like. I do like the odd 'zany' outfit, which the French never do.