Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Final Pause in Advent 2011

At the end of October, a friend wrote a little status update on Facebook. She wrote: ‘Dear Christmas. Please go away and come back in about four weeks. Love, everyone'.
It was just a little bon mot from her, but I liked it, mentioned it to the boys, and the rest is history – it’s kind of summed up our thinking about Christmas for November and much of December! I asked her permission to quote her here, as now, we think (and she agrees), that Christmas is very welcome indeed! Here is my own letter to Christmas, now that its time has come. It’s a letter very much from me, and not much in the style of my friend’s earlier witty note, but she’s the one who started me thinking – thanks!
Dear Christmas,

It’s good to finally meet up with you, at just the right time! We’re ready for you now, I think – the weather is almost wintery, and it certainly will be by the time we get to the UK for our hols. We’re more or less ready in terms of presents too, and Christmas cards, music, parties and decorations are getting us in the mood.

What do I hope for you this year, Christmas? I hope for safe travels and happy arrivals. I hope for good connections within our families – time spent among the different generations which builds up strong bonds of affection and understanding. I hope that the understanding we have of each other will lead to times of peace, avoiding the sort of pressure which can build up from unrealistic expectations of a dream Christmas. I hope for the creation of memories that will glow in each one of us after we’ve returned to our separate worlds of work, school and home.

What do I pray for this year, Christmas? I pray for our families. I pray for our friends and neighbours – several are facing Christmas at a time of sudden mourning or frightening illness - and I place them in God’s loving hands. I pray for our world, which is moving towards Christmas at a time of uncertainty, fear, ongoing poverty and war. I pray that I will remember, in the midst of the winter revelry, that the true centre of my Christmas, the true centre of my life, is the baby who was born into uncertainty, fear, poverty and war; the baby who is my Certainty, my Hope, my Wealth and my Peace.I pray I will remember that. I pray I will remember.


Marigold Jam said...

Have a safe journey to UK and a peaceful and happy Christmas. I saw a poster on a hoarding recently which said "Remember Christ comes first in Christmas". How true eh?! But often forgotten I fear.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Floss!
I pray your hols are peaceful and meaningful, with warm connections and delightful laughs! I like your letter. You have such good ideas.

Angela said...

Safe travels, Floss - and a blessed time with your beloved family.
Thank you again for facilitating our Advent Pauses - so much appreciated by so many of us [both blogreaders and blogreaders]

Love, joy, peace and hope, to you and yours - always xx

scrumptious days said...

Floss, what a moving letter to Christmas, your prayers and hopes sum up so many of my feelings, thank you.
Wishing you a Merry and Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas,
God Bless
Jude x

polkadotpeticoat said...

That is wonderful indeed....Our kids are in the church Christmas program and I was sitting watching the rehearsal from the back and the kids were all up there and one of the teachers stopped and said "Jesus is Born, lets get excited about it" the kids I don't think really got her message but I did instead of going through the motions that I take for granted Let's get excited!!!

Unknown said...

Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

Unknown said...

Love Advent thoughts, Floss. Praying for you and your family for safety and encouragement and a delightful Christmas week. :)

Serenata said...

We decorated our tree this weekend and it is starting to feel quite festive here now. Enjoy your family and safe travel.

Lx @ Twelve said...

Dear Floss,
Thankyou for sharing yet again your beautiful words, thoughts & prayer.... May this Christmas be full of blessings for you & all those you hold dear too..

Love Lydiax

Grateful4Crochet said...

This is beautiful!!
Hope your holiday with family is lovely

Unknown said...

A beautiful and heartfelt prayer Floss.
Peace to you and yours this Christmas.

Lorrie said...

Really full of meaning and love, Floss.

Carol said...

Lovely thoughtful prayer. If only for just one day we really could have 'Peace on Earth'.
Carol xx

Purrfect Haven said...

Dear Floss, that was lovely and heart felt.. and touched my heart too. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

Kit said...

Such wonderful and lovely thoughts! Merry Christmas! Kit