Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I'll be celebrating the Jubilee - Part 3

It's very interesting, reading your comments on my last two posts. I can see that Americans really don't have anything comparable - well, of course, nothing royal, but I also think that 4th July (and here in France, 14th July) are not much like a Jubilee, in that they happen every year, and celebrate the nation, not an individual.
I can see that we Brits are a bit ambivalent about the whole thing - Ang indicated how she felt about the Charles and Diana divorce (go on, read the comments, both sets are worth it!) and Betty thinks the Royal Family costs the nation too much. This is pretty much why I was not in celebratory mood last Jubilee, I suppose.
But Mags and Carol put their finger on why I've changed my mind quite a bit - firstly we moved away, and I'm really jolly proud to be British, and secondly we have now seen a republic first-hand, and whilst I love France (vive la république!) I am NOT convinced by the whole presidential thing (lol, Carol). A benign, relatively powerless monarch is a whole lot better than a powerful, politically-motivated president, I am now sure. And yes, like most commenters, I think Queen Elizabeth is an incredible woman and a brave leader, too. That's not all - it wouldn't actually be enough for me to go all out on the red, white and blue, so I can see that there is going to be a Part 4 of this series, if you can bear it!


Betty said...

Not so much that the Royal Family cost our Nation too much, more that they hold a lot of wealth which could be put to good use instead of hoarded. They do bring money into the country through tourism and do lots of good work and I have to say I will be hanging up bunting. I remember seeing the Silver Jubilee as a teenager: street parties and the long tables down the road, the only bbq on the road (rich neighbour) and the fun we all had, hope it will be like that all over again.

Angela said...

The Jubilee Celebrations are now Completely Taking Over in this house. I am married to the man responsible for organising our Great Village Event. We were in Lidl as it opened this morning, buying union flag bunting & tablecloths etc. Then two huge boxes of Jubilee Bibles were delivered by a courier.
God save the Queen [and may He preserve US through all this festivity too]

Vintage Jane said...

I know that I could never have given up my life to do a job as well as the Queen has done hers. I support her all the way ... ! M x

Angela said...

Just found this one on the BBC website.

I admit that if I went there for tea I WOULD stand for the anthem - but I do not do so if it's played on TV or radio

Pom Pom said...

It sounds fun! I would celebrate if I lived in the UK. I like the queen.