Friday, May 11, 2012

French Red and White

Thanks for your supportive and kind comments on my post below. I'm relaxing and enjoying a little bit of French red and white (although only the white of the alcoholic variety) tonight!
I bought two of these items at last weekend's Vide Grenier in our town. The other two came from events last year - I only noticed how good they looked together when I ironed the chequered cloth (which has spent the winter under our coffee machine) and then the new shelf-edging, and draped them together over the balcony to air!
What a great combination! The shelf-edging fabric may be new - I really can't tell if it's something made by the excellent reproduction company, Comptoir de Famille, or one of the originals!
The platter with red-stencilled flowers was my other find from the weekend. It would have been a bit pricey, but the vendor had chipped it on the way to the sale, so I got it (admittedly for display purposes only) for 30c.
The red-stencilled plates were bought in reasonable quantity at a brocante sale last year. I love them - they're cheery and vintage and go through the dishwasher on a daily basis - best of all worlds!

Son 1 and I are both doing fine after our accident yesterday. At various points we've felt pretty confused/dazed/out of sorts, but have had some time to sit down together in the shade with a cold drink after school, and chat about how it's going. We're both staggeringly glad it's the weekend! And next week brings another round of holidays - Thursday off for Assomption (I think - I loose track) and the Friday off for the whole family too. Hurray for the May holidays!


Angela said...

Floss, do take plenty of time to rest- delayed shock may set in. So glad you are unharmed. The loss of the car is a hassle- but cars are replaceable - sons and Mums are not.

blessings xx

Lorrie said...

Love the red and white - and I need to go back to read the post about the accident. I do hope you take the time you need to recover.

Betty said...

Good news you are bouncing back and son too. The red and white is delightful, really fresh and neat - I like it a lot.

VintageVicki said...

Am glad you are both feeling ok - just take it easy for a few more days :)

Love the red/white finds so cheerful :)

Between Me and You said...

Very glad you are both ok - what a terrible thing to endure.
Your red and whites are so pretty and uplifting. Major jumble sale here today, I've got some red/white china on my list!Wish me luck.
Have a good and peaceful weekend, Floss.

Katie said...

What lovely finds, they really do look great all together. Rest up and enjoy the may break! xxx

Nancy McCarroll said...

Glad you are feeling better.

Love that red work on the fabric.

Frances said...

It's so good to hear that you and your son are recovering well, and looking forward to the weekend.

Best wishes!

ALISON said...

Glad that you are both O.K.......I really like the check yet I haven't come across one here in Italy...but I bought a piece of material similar from my mercerie. ciao Alison

Unknown said...

Red & white is a favorite color combination of mine!!! Always looks great and never goes out of style!! Glad you feeling better!
Chris :o)

catkin tales said...

dearest floss

thank you for visiting my new blog.
although i do not speak french i am very much a francophile and therefore find your blog le plus charmant.
i read the post below this one and i am so glad you and your son escaped without serious harm, i pray that you will both recover soon from such a shock and urge you to take the next few days gently. but it looks like you are doing just that, reviving your spirits with beautiful fabrics.
they are lovely indeed - i am quite envious ;)

Sue said...

Glad to hear you are both alright but it does take time to get over the shock and to regain confidence driving. The red and white look really pretty, very fresh and Spring like.

Sue said...

Glad to hear you are both alright but it does take time to get over the shock and to regain confidence driving. The red and white look really pretty, very fresh and Spring like.