Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Thrill of What You Already Have - May

We've all been slightly suspicious of the azure-blue 'sea' in this month's picture of  the Clyde holiday resort, Dunoon.
Those who have been there deny that it ever looks like this:
But the inspiration is fantastic - I knew I had something with that incredible glossy blue, and it took me a while to work out what it was. That's the excitement of  this challenge, I think - the pictures trigger something, and it may take a while to work out what is lurking on shelves and in boxes... and this time it turned out to be on top of a kitchen cupboard...
It's this blue-glazed vase. I bought it from the stall-holders next to us when we had a stall at the school Vide Grenier, years ago. I got it very cheap, as they'd manage to chip the rim as they were transporting it (sound familiar?). It's been sitting on top of various kitchen cupboards ever since, because I like to keep a blue theme in the kitchen.
It's been really fun to take it off the top shelf, give it a thorough wipe, and find another home for it!
I have to admit I cheated with the Cornish-ware style bowl below it - I only bought it on Saturday at a Vide Grenier (four of them for 50c). It does look good, and reflects the architectural lines of the resort building at Donoon!
The yellow plate below it came from Leclerc (the big hypermarket) when several of our Denbyware plates broke in The Great Collapse of 2007 (it was a shelf-collapse, but deserves capitals and a place in family history). The yellow supermarket plates turned out to be woefully inadequate in terms of staying power - I really don't mind a few chips on vintage china, but I do object to new stuff chipping as soon as you use it. Give me modern Denby-quality or vintage toughness any day!

The flowers are from the garden - the large blue ones are new this year, and the others are staples of Ben's 'flower meadow' area - I pick them (and love them) every year!

Let me know when you do your 'Thrill' posts and I'll link to them in my sidebar - I'm looking forward to them!


Sue said...

Well I have never been to Dunoon but do have several Dunoon mugs, I love the shape and prefer the fine china over chunky.

Your arrangement really reflects the image and lucky you having flowers to pick in the garden. The cold wet weather here is holding everything back but sooner or later it has to warm up!

Jane and Chris said...

You know how I'm attracted by the colours in the posters, so this interpretation thrilled me to bits! Look at the luscious blue in the vase, and the yellow of the flowers... POW!
Hope to have mine posted at the weekend.
Jane x

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love this post Floss and I love your beautiful previous red post ...drool worthy!

Catherine said...

A wise philosophy. You obviously have a good eye - your pottery and flowers are so pretty together.

catkin tales said...

'the thrill i what you already have' i like those words and their meaning very much :)
i will need to read back on some more of your posts to understand fully what is required to join in with you.
the blue pottery and flowers are look as pretty as a picture x

catkin tales said...

oh dear typos above, sorry