Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scottish Wild Flower Mix

Four or five years ago my dad gave me some money to buy the boys a present from Scotland - along with a bit of shortbread I found them a packet of Scottish Wild Flower Seeds and well, that was a present which lasted!
We scattered them along Ben's rustic, 'dog-proof'' fence which separates Raja (in theory) from the veg garden, and one thing is sure, they've grown up so thickly each year that this is one part of the fence that she never breaks through (in her quest for cucumbers, in case you were wondering). This year the fennel is being kept company by a massive burst of foxgloves. I've even been able to transplant one little plant to the hedge in the front garden, and it seems to be happy there so far. If it manages to seed itself, we can expect another little patch of Scotland in two years' time!

We had a lovely long weekend (Pentecost gave us another holiday yesterday). How is your week going? Is it becoming steadily more red, white and blue?


Anonymous said...

Lovely borders, really pretty. I've got as far as red and white in my vase and red, white and purple in my containers at the front ... :0)

Unknown said...

I love those foxgloves.

polkadotpeticoat said...

Such pretty flowers.....and your right Pentecost!!!!
out into the world with flames upon their heads preaching and teaching!

Maria said...

Yes there is some thing soo special about Foxgloves!
It,s hoting up a little here on the red,white and blue theme!

Country Rabbit said...

that truly has made my evening, the most stunning picture of beauty, foxgloves are special ;0)x

Rubyred said...

Hello Floss, lovely to hear from you!
Your MOT sounds very interesting.Our car did pass, phew.
Love the beautiful foxgloves, they are stunning!Love the featheryness of fennel too!
Have a great Jubilee weekend, we will be having a family party to celebrate, I have lots of cakes to make for it on Saturday!
Rachel x

Betty said...

Lovely foxgloves, not seeing any here yet.