Thursday, May 3, 2012

Going for a walk

Life is in its most busy, yet enjoyable stage - all the May bank holidays are giving us lots of family and party time (more on that later, perhaps!) and forcing me to cram five days of work into three, as much as is possible. But this is not a hardship, just an explanation of why blogging is a bit slow at the moment. However, I wanted to annouce that the weather has improved down here, and we have finally Gone For A Walk, as suggested by Carolyn for Finding Fun. And this is the Fun we Found:

Son 1 had an appointment at the Physio this evening, to get his poor old knee back into shape. Son 2 and I loaded Raja into the car to accompany him, and then went for a walk in a part of our town that we never usually head towards. It's mainly sprawling residential roads, but we found an area (typical of France) where a road had been laid out but the land remained undeveloped and full of old oak trees, long grasses and vetch. We had a lot of fun bounding through the long grass with Raja, and then found the best fun of the evening - a detective's dream of clues. There was a burnt patch on the tarmac of one of the undeveloped driveways. This is what we worked out from the clues:
  1. A car had been half-parked on the empty driveway.
  2. It had four doors.
  3. One of its doors had been open.
  4. It had burst into flames and completely burnt up.
  5. Its number plate included the number 30 and the letters K and E. (We found the imprint in the tarmac - cool!)
We also deduced the following:
  1. It probably happened at night.
  2. The inhabitants of the houses at the end of the road were probably woken up by explosions and flames.
  3. We could probably find a report on this in the local paper.
Now, it's quite possible that this doesn't sound like fun to you, but we sure enjoyed it!


Jane and Chris said...

Walking and working 'the little grey cells' to solve a mystery sounds like fun to me!
Jane x

Betty said...

Sounds like a great adventure.

Angela said...

Holmes and Watson have nothing on you and the boys!

Carolyn Phillips said...

I can see the fun in deducing (and by chance there is some deducing included in tomorrow's post, which I have just finished writing!)

Glad you managed to get your walk, mine has been postponed until maybe tomorrow morning, depending on Alex's health.

VintageVicki said...

I was thinking that all sounded very Enid Blyton - hope you took lashing of gingerbeer with you ;)

How is No1 son's knee doing - hoping he's repairing well. I no longer see my physio, all the exercises are now down to me!!

Fat Dormouse said...

That sounds triffic fun, Floss! I'd've enjoyed doing that walk with you...Do you think the boys could now write (or tell- or draw a BD) the story of why the car ended up being taken there and burned to a crisp?

Vintage Jane said...

Great fun ... just the sort of thing my boy would love to be a part of. We love making pirate maps too, the best bit always being the tea staining and burning of the edges of course! Been playing catch up with your blog - love the embroidered maps too. Best wishes, M x