Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why I'll be celebrating the Jubilee - Part 1

Well, look at me - I've been doing it all my life, evidently!
This must actually be autumn 1972, so it wasn't a Jubilee year, (probably the Silver Wedding Anniversary, Google informs me) but as you can see, I was also there in 1977:
And am doing my bit for 2012 as well! However, the full story is a bit more complicated than that, and that's why this is only Part 1. What's your history with royal celebrations?


VintageVicki said...

I shall be celebrating too :)

I remember 1977 so clearly - we lived on an RAF camp and had the most wonderful party, I had a red/white/blue outfit and spend hours playing with my friends, eating lovely things and running in races.

I have my 1977 Jubilee mug on my desk these days with pens it.

Jane and Chris said...

All will be revealed in my Jubilee post!
Jane x

polkadotpeticoat said...

fireworks for the 4th I guess and to answer your question starting for a plain one maybe if your lucky on ebay $100 usually up to $200-$ expensive!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Ooh La La, you are celebrating plenty, I'm sure! Be sure to snag lots of Jubilee goodies so that in three generations they will look on them and say "what was THAT?" grin


Autumn Mist said...

I was 10 in 1977 and have memories of staning on the roadside with my classmates, but actually in my Brownie uniform to welcome the Queen to Portsmouth, where I grew up. I remember a review of the fleet and fabulous fireworks. I am so looking forward to the celebrations this year.

Carole said...

I remember watching Princess Diana's wedding on TV(I was eleven) and my dad was groaning (he never really liked the British and their monarchy and couldn't understand why I was so interested by the language and everything - now he has an English son in law and had almost got another one at one point, haha !).
I gave all the necessary info to all my students about the upcoming events so they can watch if it's on French TV, and they might learn a thing or two while listening to the comments. Some of them are not really sure what the current Queen's name is... (I get a lot of Victorias)

Lorrie said...

I'll be celebrating because Elizabeth II is Canada's Queen, too. I think she is an incredibly gracious, hardworking woman.

Maria said...

I am a thinking us vintage girls will be celebrating and blogging all about the Golden Jubilee in the coming weeks...soo enjoyed your post!! Maria x

helen tilston said...

Will be celebrating with high tea.
A very special time indeed

Fat Dormouse said...

I watched Charles & Diana's wedding, while my mum and dad were in the Lake District climbing the mountain known as Cat Bell. Mum bought a commemmorative Wedgewood bell in memory of the day.
I have a very tarnished Silver Jubilee pendant somewhere, with the Save the Children logo on the back, which I got for Christmas that year, but I can't remember any of the celebrations.
We thought about having a party here for our friends, but I'm not sure we can be bothered (shame! shame!) But if I get round to it, I may make somepaper bunting and put it outside the house. It may confuse the heck out of our neighbours, but never mind.
What day is the Jubilee?

Carol said...

In my last job I was lucky enough to be involved in organising Royal visits including two by HM the Queen.
I don't have photos (they were indoors and cameras were definitely not allowed) but I shall have to sort out a programme and perhaps menus for a blog post.
I am thankful that our wonderful Queen has reigned for most of my lifetime. Long may she continue to reign over us.
Carol xx