Monday, April 18, 2011

A Prayer for our Children - Knowing They are Loved

I'm going to be writing a prayer for our children, which I hope may be useful to other people too, each day in Holy Week. I'll accompany the prayer with a photo of our Easter Garden, as it changes through the week. The donkey is here because it was Palm Sunday yesterday - Carolyn has a great post about Palm Sunday here if you want to think about that a bit more than a plastic donkey will allow! If you want to read the Palm Sunday story with your children, I wrote it here last year. Dear Lord, you gave us our children, and in fact they belong more to you and to themselves than they ever will to us. j We love them but at the same time we know that we haven't always loved them perfectly. Please forgive us for the times we've let them down, harmed them, over-indulged them or otherwise made it hard for them to trust our love. Knowing that you love them perfectly, let our love for them be a mirror for yours, teaching them what it is to love and be loved unconditionally. And in grace and forgiveness, let us continue to grow together as a family where each one loves and know he is loved. jAmen


Michela said...

Oh yes, I realized it was Palm Sunday, because our parish church sent a tiny branch of holy olive tree along with a prayer.
Beautiful prayer Floss!

Sherri B. said...

A very beautiful and thoughtful prayer and so true. Thank you Floss.

Carolyn Phillips said...

Oh, that prayer is so honest, thank you and Amen.

PS, thanks for the nice comments re my Palm Sunday post.