Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stories of Jesus for Children 2 - Palm Sunday

Do you remember how the ordinary people loved Jesus? Can you remember why? And can you remember that the important people hoped Jesus would get into big trouble?Jesus and his friends had been keeping away from the big city of Jerusalem, because that’s where the important people lived. If he kept away from them, he should stay out of trouble.
But suddenly one day, Jesus decided to go right into Jerusalem to celebrate the big festival of Passover. His friends thought he was mad! ‘You’re going to get into big trouble!’ they said, but Jesus knew it was time to go, and he got ready.
He sent some friends to borrow a donkey, and he rode right into the city on the cute little animal. The ordinary people came out to meet him and were so happy to see him!They treated him as if he was a king, but a king on a cute little donkey instead of on a big, white war horse! They gave him a king’s welcome, waving branches of palm trees like flags, and putting down their coats in the road for the donkey to walk over.
Don't do this with your coat, please!

The ordinary people were happy to see King Jesus. But the important people were angrier than ever. Jesus had put himself in danger by coming into the city.

Activity idea: find something to wave ( leaves, flags, your coat?) and shout 'Hosanna', which is what the children shouted when Jesus rode into Jerusalem. It means 'Save us', because they were sure Jesus was a king who would save them from their enemies. If you have a toy donkey, get it out and let it ride over leaves and coats!
jQuestion for younger children: The children in Jerusalem waved tree branches. What would you wave if Jesus was coming into your town?
Question for older children: Would you be pleased to see Jesus coming into your town? Why, or why not?
Question for anyone still paying attention: Why on a donkey, not a horse?


Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Hi Floss, I was just given this blog tonight, and thought of you - it mentions a couple of Easter traditions with kids.
Maybe also some readers might like some of the content - the blog is written by a mum of 3 in Sydney called Nicole whose hubbie is a theological teacher. It seems real in terms of quality.


Sarah said...

I remember waving the palms over the coat when I went to Sunday School many years ago. I think a donkey looks better than a horse so maybe they were going for something a little stylish. I like it anyway.

No.3 came home from Sunday School with a palm cross today and she had made a chick and filled it with jellybeans. Guess they were catering for everybody.

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

This is great, I like that you have put questions for the children.

Carolyn Phillips said...

Think the questions could be interesting for adults as well.