Friday, April 22, 2011

A Prayer for our Children - Salvation

Firstly, if you read my last post, you will realise that our computer isn't as sick as we feared! It's allowed home so long as it gets plenty of bedrest and doesn't play any video games until it gets a new graphics card... But thanks for your kind messages all the same! I think I'll post my thrifty garden ideas next week though - a computer-lite weekend is called for. But here is my photo and prayer for Good Friday; I really did want to be able to complete this series, so I'm glad the computer's OK. Lord Jesus, every day we live we are blessed by your love, but today we particularly remember your sacrifice for us. Adults and children alike, we cannot reach God through our own attempts and only a childlike acceptance of the mystery of your death for us can bring us to Him. Thank you that you have blessed children with attributes we adults don't find easy. Thank you that we can learn from our children as much as we hope they can learn from us. Please bless our children, and bring them to a day-by-day trust in you, your forgiveness and salvation and your gift of new life. Don't let our weaknesses as parents make it harder for them to trust you, but instead, please help us to live and grow together with you.


Squirrelhaus said...

Wishing you a wonderful Good Friday and a very Blessed Easter Holiday!
Chris :o)

Heidi said...

Our Good Friday service tonight was so amazing...even the Pastor you could see was crying...It was wonderful!
Have a blessed Easter Floss with your beautiful family!

Angela said...

The last two sentences of your prayer are so moving - and nevr stop being true, however old your children become.
Easter blessings and joys to you all - may the truth of the resurrection be especially real for your family this year

Pomona said...

I am glad your computer is a bit better. I love your little crosses all together.

Pomona x

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Floss
Oh, how I love your prayers as they touch every aspect of the parent/children relationship.
I am going to send the link to your blog to my sister who has four children age nine and younger.
She has a nine year old son and triplets...two boys and a girl. I think these prayers will cheer her up. She has two blogs: Rebecca's Rainbow Kisses and: 4 Golden Eggs.
hugs and blessings are coming to you from
Teresa in California, U.S.A. (my sister and her family live 3,000 miles away from me, in Massachusetts, U.S.A. on the east coast).