Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Prayer for our Children - Enthusiastic, Hardworking and Motivated

This is the second prayer I've writen for our children, which I hope may be useful to other people too. I'm posting one each day in Holy Week, and with the prayer will be a photo of our Easter Garden, as it changes through the week. If you want to read the stories of Jesus during Holy Week with your children, I wrote one here last year, and this one explains why there is a tiny centime coin in our garden today!Lord, you created our children with abilities, gifts and plans for how their talents can be used. j Life at school can be so hard and discouraging at times, and hard work seems so much like, well, hard work... j Please bless our children with enthusiasm and dedication for their work, with teachers who encourage and an education system that motivates and seeks the best for each child. j As parents, please give us wisdom, committment to help our children, and grace to know how to encourage independent, motivated learners. j Throughout their education, please help our children to do their best and to know the rewards of hard work. j When they leave education for the world of employment, please give them opportunities throughout their lives to fulfil the talents and plans you have for them. j Amen


Serenata said...

The perfect prayer for my boys as well thank you Floss. We are trying to motivate DS2 especially this Easter as he has exams when he goes back to school, which will basically dictate which exams he will be 'allowed' to take for his GCSE's next year.

Catherine said...

The perfect prayer. My eldest is finding school difficult at the moment (she's 10). She is a hard worker (but not the most academic)but the pressure is very much on for the transfer test in.....NOVEMBER!!! It's a struggle and at the end of the day her happiness is the most important thing.