Friday, July 9, 2010

Writing books...

Two of these books are only a few weeks old - can you spot the interlopers? It's these two at the top, which the boys have chosen to write in over the summer.
The French summer holidays really are very long, and children are expected to work their way through books like this to keep up their knowledge for the following year.We've done them in the past, but this year I'm on strike (how very French of me). Son 2 will be redoubling, so hardly needs to revise what he will cover again next year, and Son 1, well, I don't know, I'm just giving him a break, too.
So instead, to keep them on their toes and pick up their English (of course, they are almost the only bilingual children I know who don't get formal English lessons, as I'm the local English teacher), they have been allowed to choose a writing book each and write about a page a day. I then read their writing and tell them three things about it that impress me, and three things they could learn to improve the next day's writing.
Son 1 has finished a series of chapters on Egyptian myths and the relevance of ancient Egyptian culture on life today. He's now heading off onto a discourse about black holes and Einstein. Son 2, just to prove that you never get two the same, is writing me a little letter each day, and telling me about his thoughts and experiences. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying reading both books, daily!


Isabelle - Suzy's Vintage Attic said...
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Isabelle - Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I remember having to do some summer homework when I went to school in France. Yes I agree, the holidays are very long. I loved that as a child! when I arrived in England I remember being horrified that schools broke up in July. I was used to mid June!
I think holidays should be just that. I'll be honest I don't think children should have to do homework during the week either. I'd rather focus on other things with Miss P such as French, cooking, baking, learning about nature etc.... Homework can be so complex and time consuming these days.

Your idea does sound like much more fun though.
Have a lovely weekend
Isabelle x
P.S: I deleted previous message as I made several errors!

TheMadHouse said...

What a brilliant idea, our holidays are just 6 weeks this year, but I fear the boys are still too little for anything like this. Mini (4) still refuses to make a mark on paper when Maxi was writing at 3¬¬

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi Floss...It's been lovely to catch up with your blog...your Troc shop buys are fantastic!! Love the rag rug -

It's sooo hot here today...not like uk at all...Hope you all have a lovely

magsmcc said...

I am so impressed. By your greviste bravery, by your intellectual sons, by your stoicism in the face of these holidays-ours are about the same, methinks. We too have holiday diaries, but I see now that they are a mere shadow of the Platonic ideal! Enjoy!

Tina said...

what an excellent idea. We have almost three months bread over here and although I have never assigned the workbooks I have seen so many children working on them. I much prefer your idea of making the summer work more meaningful and interesting to your boys. I might steal this one for my daughter. She needs writing work herself.


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Lovely idea. My two would definitely be unwilling participants, but they are going to be reading their books during the holidays daily. I love to read and always have a book to hand so can't understand their lack of enthusiasm!

Rebecca S. said...

Good for you, Floss, for sticking up for more of a holiday for your boys. Children here aren't given any summer work, but they are encouraged to join the summer reading club at the library. I like the different approaches your boys are taking with the journal project. They do seem like sweet boys :)

Lyn said...

Oh what a great idea and you can keep them and look back on them in years to come.

Temps perdu said...

That is just wonderful. You have such lovely lovely lovely children Floss.
Warm and sunny regards. Nina

brighthaven said...

Love the writing assignments! I just signed up with to help me get back into the swing of writing. AND, that gilt edged journal is gorgeous!