Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The outlook for July is rosy!

We're back home, into the (finally) hot and sunny July that is typical for the south of France. The hot weather mean lots of board games...
and a current favourite is 'Carcassone', which was a very appropriate present from Ben's brother at Christmas time. The rules seem complicated but the game turns out to be easy to play, yet a lot of challenging fun - and the walled castle-city of Carcassone is of course not far from us.
Did you spot the book shelves? My new finds are nestling very happily there, along with some other lovely books - nearly all of them bought second hand.
Above them, I've cleared some books off the top shelf, and laid a 'new' 1960s mirror along it - it complements the gold-framed one you can just glimpse in the games picture really well. The mega-plant continues in its quest to take over the house...
Outside, my birthday-present ferns in our 'found' stump-planters are looking good in the shade.
So, what is rosy? Life in general, of course, but also Niki's calendar page for July!
And my dress, too.
This is my display for July, underneath the calendar, although I'm not actually sure the pink rose bush will continue providing me with roses all month.
Our month is full of plans - science projects, writing and reading books and playing in the pool (that's my outlook for the boys, although theirs would also include more electronic entertainment than I care to contemplate), teaching and some trips away. I really am absolutely rubbish at replying to you or leaving comments on your blogs during these busy weeks, but I am still really appreciating yours - both your comments and, when I have time, your own posts about how July is going for you!
Have a rosy time, indoors or out, winter or summer!


Green thumb said...

Happy July to you and your family!
Hope you have a nice break!

Maria said...

beautiful roses Floss..I am still green with jelousy over your book finds ;)

Serenata said...

July is a rosy month isn't it? That is how I feel it is anyway and you have summed it up beautifully. Sadly board games don't go down well too well in our household with DS2 - gets very stressful, so we have had to forego them.

Glad you got home safely and love your bookshelves filled with your new found books. Oh am also slightly envious of your mirror! Still looking for one, but am sure I will find the right one one day. :-) said...

Happy sunny July FLoss, so glad you got home and the sunshine awaited you! The game looks very interesting. I love your display, and the mirror is lovely, as is your enormous triffid! Ha ha! You have just reminded me that I have a vintage mirror somewhere! I must find out where I hid it! Suzie xxx

Prulletje said...

Lovely post thanx for sharing have a beautiful month!

Elizabethd said...

It all sounds pretty good to me.
I love the pink rose..

Sarah said...

Those books look great in your bookcase lucky lady. What a pretty rose too. I have a favourite rose that looks similar as well. The fragrance is just heavenly.

July is looking fairly rosy i guess for us, bit cold of course but our current holiday is in July so that make it pretty rosy really. Glad you are looking forward to a lovely month.

Lululiz said...

The roses in the little bowl are so pretty, such a lovely shade of pink. Do they have a lovely old fashioned rose scent as well? Lol, They are way too pretty not to.

We are off to the cottage in a few days, I can't wait! The only drawback is that I don't have internet access there. Hmm. Can I survive without it for TWO months?

Purrfect Haven said...

Busy but feels good... your life over there. Yep, its been and still is HOT here ... poor gardens but I love the warmth and not having to plan for rain. July has my Birthday in it so I love the month. It is also when Hampton Court Flower show is on and I am going tomorrow with a picnic and camera! Happy days. Love Helen x