Monday, July 12, 2010

'Walking' the dog!

At the moment, Son 1 is suffering from growing pains, triggered by a growth spurt which has left him with long leg bones and short tendons. Sounds pretty horrible, doesn't it? It was at its worst before term ended, and he had a few weeks on crutches and one memorable weekend borrowing a friend's wheelchair, but now he's fine on his feet, although swimming and cycling are far more comfortable than walking until his tendons catch up. So family 'walks' with the dog currently look like this - two boys cycing on ahead then skimming past us at regular intervals, and the dog getting a great workout running between all members of the party! Son 1 is in the photo above, on the path down to the Coulée Verte, and Son 2 is below, on the track back up from our town lake. You'd be hard-pushed to tell the difference, wouldn't you?
But, what's this? Son 2 (always more sociable) has stopped!
He's found a shady patch and is waiting for his poor old mother.
He and the dog are almost more than a red dot and a black blur now...Caught them up!
We went home together.
Simple pleasures...


Della said...

Ooh, I wish I had a bike! I haven't used a bike for over a year (but then I rented one at the beach.) The dog walks sound lovely!

Serenata said...

Our son is currently suffering similar problems - but with his knees. Osgood Slater - or something like that I think it is called. He also has Ehlers Danlos so he needs to be careful...mind you I don't think it slows him down much!

Looks like you had a lovely walk. Hubby and I have just come back from walking our dogs.

Isabelle - Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Floss
Poor son No1, it must be very uncomfortable!
There is nothing quite like family walks and bike rides. I look forward to my bike being fixed so that I can kep up with Miss P.
Isabelle x

Sherri B. said...

I am so glad to hear that son #1 has that painful problem past him now.

Elizabethd said...

Lovely photos!

Lola Nova said...

Glad to hear that he is getting around better now. Growing pains both physical and emotional can be hard to bear.
Such a lovely lane for a walk!

Val said...

Hello, this is interesting as my Son number 1 used to have the same problem .... it works itself out because now he is a man he never has any recurrence. In fact I have just blogged about his London 10K. So keep on and keep on praying.
Blessings, Val

Princess and the Pea said...

Ooh that sounds awful! just noticed Serenata's boy has Ehlers Danloss. I also have that and they blamed my pains on growing pains for 7 years before diagnosing me! It's strange to hear someone else has it as it's pretty rare!

VintageVicki said...

Ouch - poor Son1 - never heard of growing pains quite so extreme.

My son1 grew about 4 inches last summer - hoping not for such extremes this year! Think its son2's turn - another 4/5 inches & he'll be as taller me & I'll no longer be able to call him midget!!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

This is interesting about the growing pains as our gp thinks it is all in our minds and can't be explained but clearly it can! I had them and now youngest does - he often gets what he calls cramp too - same thing maybe, anyhow, hope your lad soon gets past this and can enjoy the Summer holidays without any aches. Betty xxx

Maria said...

My husband growing pains the same when he was that age, he still remembers how painful they were, sending sympathy :)

Country Girl said...

OOh sounds painful. Ankles are my sons problem - always twisting them and I'm sure its something to do with growing.

karen said...

Hi Floss
I'm sorry it has been such a long time since I last visited you. I Thought I'd pop over and spend a few minute's (lol) Catching up.
Awwww poor son number one. I hope he's feeling better soon. It would be a shame if it spoilt all of his summer.
I love the book idea in the post below I bet it make's for some interesting reading.
Hope you are all well

The Curious Cat said...

I never knew that you could get such a thing as growing pains like that! How awful...I hope it goes quickly and he wasn't in too much pain! xxx