Friday, July 16, 2010

On my line...

On Flossie's washing line there is... A flutter of embroidered linens, carefully checked in advance by the dog.
On Flossie's washing line there was:
a sadly battered peg bag, with lots of fond memories of school in England.
But since I put this pretty vintage peg bag in my blog shop, the terrible state of the peg bag on my own line has been niggling at me.
I gave it a good wash and a mend, and here it is in its mended glory!On Flossie's washing line there is:
This giant, handmade, vintage peg, bought in Edinburgh - do you think it was made by a gypsy and sold at the door? I do hope so.
On Flossie's washing line there is:
A glimpse of vintage leg, amongst the more practical day-to-day washing.
I washed these huge vintage French undershorts the other day.
They are party mind-boggling, and partly delightful!


Andi's English Attic said...

Fantastic. Love the big knickers!
I have a shopping bag with my daughter's class portraits. I like the idea of a peg bag, but the school didn't do those (neighbourhood too snobby to know what a peg is used for!)

Sherri B. said...

That peg, most certainly carved by a gypsy, is brilliant. I have often needed something that large for rugs, as you have used it....I don't know what to say about the Huge vintage undergarments except I wouldn't want to be paying that food bill! ...Have a great weekend.

Lorrie said...

Those knickers are gigantic! Who wore them? Someone related to whomever carved the wooden peg, methinks.

marigold jam said...

What tales those knickers could tell and the peg too I should think! I have a teacloth along the lines of that peg bag it is pristine though as I couldn't bear to use it!!


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

lovely old carved peg, big bloomers I just love, peg bag - what a great idea - I have two school tea towels just sitting in a drawer - this is a good way to use them. Have a lovely weekend Floss. Betty xxx

Serenata said...

Oh, Floss is airing her bloomers on the line!

Just gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Oh they sure are lovely Floss. I'm rather envious that you are able to dry your bathmats on the line too. It's raining here.

beck said...

Oh how funny. Those great big under pants, so pretty and huge. What are you going to do with them Floss? I loved looking at your clothes line, I'm a bit jealous as it's too cold and wet to hang washing out here. Oh well, the months will pass and we will swap again! Hope you are having a happy weekend lovely Floss xo

Joy said...

Enjoyed the peek at your line. What in the world are you doing with the big underpants. That is hilarious.
Love that big peg.
♥ Joy

Pom Pom said...

Hi Floss!
That's the loveliest wash line post I've read in a while! I love the old peg, too!