Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Only one charity shop? What's got into Floss?

Could it be these handsome young men?

I had a project which kept me in the house for most of this afternoon - I was using some online software to make sense of a family tree, based on the certificates and other documents kept by my mother's family.

To be honest, we have no idea who any of these young men is. My mother suggested we pick the best looking and claim him for an ancestor. Thus, I am proud to tell you that I am directly descended from the suave chappie on the top right. My mother and I were in no doubt..?
However, we do know who this couple are - my grandma's parents. My mother remembers her grandmother well.
There are few photos, but many certificates and one or two family records. This sad little page records the birth of the man in the photo above - he was one of the last children in his family, and one of the few to survive. His mother wrote down times as well as dates for some of the births and deaths...I also spent a little time today mending my father's jumper. I had to go to the downstairs sewing table to find the right thread.Inside are a lovely collection of vintage and modern sewing things - just whatever my mum and grandma needed (they shared a house, and therefore sewing equipment, for years.)
This thread was perfect, even if the photo doesn't show it!Even though the charity shop had nothing of interest, I did find this charming bracket looking for a home on my parents' basement window ledge yesterday. Apparantly my mum bought this back in the '80s, and my grandma was horrified and refused to have it anywhere! It's been given to me now, and will hopefully find a good home in France.I'm very touched to have been given this award by sweet Sarah, of Red Gingham!Thank you so much, Sarah! I suspect that most of you already know her lovely New Zealand crafting, thrifting and family blog, but any who don't have GOT to get into visiting it...
Now, I am allowed to award this to five more fabulous blogs. I hope it's OK, but I have a plan for this award... Every now and then, you know how it is, I stumble across a lovely new blog that somehow I've never seen before. I'd like to give this award to one of those blogs today, and save the other four for new discoveries in the future. I hope that's OK, Sarah?
So my fabulous new(ish) find, which wins the Fabulous Blog award, is Della Grace's Life. Della is the self-styled 'Queen of Random', but her random posts have a tendency towards the vintage, the thifty, the charming, the frighteningly youthful... Go and find out for yourselves!
Sarah also tagged me (actually, Mandy says she's tagged me too, but I can't find that post, Mandy. If it's the same tag, will you accept these answers, please?) The challenge is to list six unimportant things I love. I've listed six before, but this time I'm going to list six unimportant things about Edinburgh that I love, seeing as Edinburgh is my home for the week:
1. Long summer evenings. It's not dark at 9pm. It's not TRULY dark at 10pm. There is a pay-back in the winter but it's probably worth it.
2. The science and technology room in the National Museum of Scotland - the boys can spend literally hours in there with all the activities.
3. The charity shops!
4. The dates and mottos carved on many of the old buildings.
5. The tablet (ask for further details if you don't already know!)
6. The Botanic Gardens.
Thanks so much for this tag - it was fun! I've already tagged my six, so I think I'd better not send this one any further, I'm afraid.
More charity shops tomorrow, perhaps, as I've finished my trawl through the family archives..?


The Whispering Poppies said...

That sewing cabinet is fabulous! With all its treasures tucked inside. =) And what an amazing piece of history having a family's records!

Laura said...

Loved this post! Wonderful sewing cabinet....lovely story....handsome ancestors!
Be well, Laura

Della said...

I'm in complete agreement with picking the handsomest for an ancestor! Mine were horse thieves. :)

Thank so much for the lovely award! You are truly sweet...made my day!

Susie Q said...

I do believe that I see a family resemblance between that handsome lad and you...let me look closer and....yes, I DO see it.

Sarah said...

Ah, you're welcome! Glad to see you made the most of being at home. Big hello to your mother from me, and I hope she has a better day tomorrow. The spring air should be good for her. Has the weather been good in Scotland? I'm quite sure it won't have rained, as I'm sure we've had every countries rain lately. The last leaves are falling, winter is really here.

Good luck with your shops tomorrow. I have something special I found today, from an op shop. I'll show you tomorrow.

Josie-Mary said...

I started on the family tree but you never know what you've going to find so gave up!!!
Love the sewing table :)

lou said...

I have had so much catching up to do; I’m trying to make things for the fete, so I have not been on here much.

I got so excited when I saw my name on your post, thank you for that.

The sewing box is so lovely, we have been looking at our family tree, it’s so interesting. I am off now too have a good read of all your lovely posts I have missed.

Love Lou xxx

Sarah said...

How interesting looking at your family tree. My aunt did that once, I'm not too sure how far she got. Love the sewing box. It's amazing what you can find in sewing boxes, all sorts of treasures!

Mandy said...

Floss how stupid am I ...
I left it in draft mode. It is there now! Sorry xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love the sewing table Floss, it is fab. Please would you read the post I have done today, I would value your opinion.
Thank you. xxxx

Lululiz said...

Oh that sewing table, it is beautiful! And it is full of lovely sewing goodies. Somewhat nicer than my many cardboard boxes, in which most of my sewing bits are stored.

Is your mum feeling better today?

Felicity said...

oh I love the sewing table, its fantastic!! I think id pick that relative too!! he he!!
felicity xx

Jackie said...

Floss ~ I love all your favourite Edinburgh things, especially the tablet, with the Royal Botanic Gardens and The Museum coming a very close second. Your Mum's sewing table is lovely and it's nice to see something like that still be used. I hope that you enjoy your last day of Charity Shops ~ have you done the ones in Morningside yet? They are always quite good for some treasures :O)

Elizabethd said...

"the charity shop had nothing of interest" .What happened!!? You always manage to find something.

Olga said...

Those are all very adorable family treasures. It is so great you have the pictures of your great- grand parents and know so much history about the family. Something to tell your children and they will appreciate as they grow older!and the table...apart from being so vintage it is so practical, isn't it?
Congrats for the award - well deserved! I hope you are having great time in Edinburgh, it looks like you are :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Floss for your comment, your a lovely lady and your words mean a lot to me, thank you. xxxx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Wow... What a great seweing cabinet!
Thanks for sharing it with us.
Debbie Moss

Joan said...

What a absolutely cute little bracket. I think it is so cool that you took a picture of it in it's found spot. Congrats on your award. I too have been awarded it and will be posting about it a few days. Happy Wednesday and thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

Marie Reed said...

I ClEARLY see that family resemblance too! Your Mum has a great sense of humour!

Alexandra said...

Floss, my Edinburgh Charity Shop Map arrived today!! Cannot wait to get a day to myself for a trip to the City!! Thanks for the recommendation!