Thursday, June 18, 2009

From Edinburgh back to France

It's after ten at night in the south of France, and we've used up the cooling evening by mowing the lawn, having a dip in the pool, eating a slightly riotous evening meal (Ben's eating out tonight - things go a bit crazy without him at times!) and setting up the electric fan in the boys' bedroom. Now that the sun has gone down it's nearly cool enough to sleep, as long as all your windows and doors are open and you have an anti-mozzie thing plugged in. It's good to be home.

However, on my last day in Edinburgh I had a really rather good time. My sister arrived, which was great. It was her birthday on Monday and I'd given her a lovely pendant made by Juanitatortilla. She was wearing it on a long black velvet ribbon which she'd wrapped several times round her neck to make a choker. It looked fantastic! (Sorry, no photos, but you can see her shoes in a later picture in this post!). I also gave her a super book, Love Pink, which I'd read about on Niki's blog, a vintage book on handwriting analysis (her hobby) and her own personalised version of our family tree. Later in the evening I showed the females of the family what I'd bought in my charity shop trip of the West End and Dalry. (There is no link here, the computer's just being silly.) One of my first finds was this vintage sewing tin - it says 'workbox' in the top left corner. There are little curved 'shelves' for bobbins of thread inside, although it must have originally come with sweeties in - from Basset's. This little rose bowl was a real find. I was so anxious to find one on my travels that when I spotted this on, filled with artificial roses, I snapped it up without really looking. When I got it home my mum pointed out that it is cut glass and considerably more valuable than I realised! It looks good with our French roses in it now.
In the same shop, run by Bethany Christian Trust, I found this handful of photograph folders from the 1930s. Do you see the legs on a sunbathing beauty? I must take proper photos of these for you all later, because they are marvelous. £1 the lot.
This book is by Petra Boase, who is a contributor to my wonderful Flea Market Style book. She produced this one ten years ago, but it was still worth the weight problems of bringing it back on the plane!
On my way back down Dundas Street, I stopped in an antique shop. This is not like me, and even less like me to buy anything, but I expect I will be given a bit of birthday money so I spent some in advance! (Do you do that?) I found this hand-covered fabric box which will be lovely for holding my lace collection.
In the same shop I couldn't resist this old chocolate box full of buttons. The lady in the shop was great, and her stock would be very appealing to lots of people who read this blog. She tells me her daughter blogs too, so I will have to look her up!
Here, then, is the last of my Edinburgh treasure, most of it from the charity shops of Dalry. I'm wearing the greenish tunic dress with a pair of rolled-up denim shorts at the moment - that was a good buy!Life has been hectic since I got back! It's lovely to be home but I think that I will be blogging a lot less until after my party is out of the way... I have all the preparation to do plus a very enjoyable, lucrative, but lengthy, set of 34 interviews to do as an external examiner at one of the Toulouse universities. I have a few posts prepared in the run up to our blog garden party on Saturday/Sunday, but then it's break time from blogging, I think! Do sign up for the garden party if you'd like to join the fun...


maryboys said...

floss - hello:) i finally found you again...i hadn't seen a post from you for so long, that i wondered what was wrong?!? now i discovered that i didn't have you in my it's ggod to see you again:)


Olga said...

Home sweet home !!:) Time flies really fast - and you are back after having lived so many great things! That pink book looks lovely, I got very curious! But the finds - amazing as always :) I wish I could see what is inside ;) So this weekend's post is a party post - am getting all excited!

marble rose said...

Ahoy there!!!!! Love your treasure haul - please tell me there weren't any chocs left in that box!!

Have just joined your party - am v. excited!


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Lovely treasures that you found. Sounds like you are enjoying being home. ;)
♥ Teresa

beck said...

It's always fun to see what goodies you have found! It must be nice to be back home with your boys. Sounds like a busy time is coming up, good luck with all the preparations..and don't worry 40 is GREAT! xox

The Whispering Poppies said...

Such fabulous treasure! Your cut glass bowl is gorgeous. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and I'll bet everyone is happy to be back at home! =)

Sarah said...

Nice to see you have spoilt yourself!! Where do you put all these things you buy? Hope you really have a great party this weekend, and don't find the preparations too stressful. Remember it's for you, so enjoy yourself!! Happy Birthday to you Floss.

Lululiz said...

Glad to hear all is well and you are back home again, with a suitcase full of wonderful treasures! I had to do a double take when I saw the sewing tin you picked up, I have one exactly the same! Not enough that I see your blog nearly every day, now I'll also see you in my mind every time I pick up that sewing box! Can't get away from you, lolol.
Don't get too stressed out by all the preparations for the parties, you are meant to be having a great time, not a nervous breakdown. I am going (cyber)shopping this afternoon. I have one or two outfits on my shortlist, plus one or two other things to take to the garden party, so I'll be busy, too. Just remember - RELAX!

Oh, and don't forget to email me your addy so that I can send you your prize. x

summerfete said...

Nice charity shop finds esp the button box!
Do they have such shops in france?
my inlaws have just returned from france and they bought me a dish with french writing on it, I shall be posting on my blog it soon with a gooseberry crumble in.

juanitatortilla said...

:) I hope your sister likes the pendant. Thank you for the shout-out Floss.

Whee! I'm so glad the package has got to you in time. I hope YOU like it! Happy Birthday in advance!

Jackie said...

It's always lovely to get back home and back to the normality of everyday life ~ riotous mealtimes and all that goes with it! You must have really missed your boys although sometimes it is nice to spend some time on you own too! You certainly have a good eye for charity shop bargains ~ Did you by any chance take an empty bag with you to bring all your lovely treasures home :O)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You got some nice little finds. The metal box is very retty. Sounds like you are going to be very busy for a while. When I go off, I am always glad to get back home. Summer has settled in here, I don't even want to think about not having an air conditioner.

bekimarie said...

I will most definately be there, wouldn't miss it for the world!
Have a great day!
Beki xxx