Sunday, April 26, 2015

The first Vide Grenier in town!

Well here's a rare event - Floss has a photo to share!

Today was our town's first spring Vide Grenier. It's not the real biggie (I have a stand booked for that one myself) but I thought it would be worth a visit. I'm glad I turned up! I've only taken one photo but on it you'll see that I managed a fine selection of the nostalgic, the practical, the interesting and the weird. Take your pick as to which is which!

So I bought:

A Proven├žal quilt (single) and pillowcase for 3€. The quilt is already on our sofa and looks great.

A Dunoon mug for 50c (shameless copy of Emma Bridgwater but I like Dunoon all the same)

A '60s North African mirror in red, to match the blue one which is currently in Ben's Lyon flat, 2€

7 homes magazines, mostly in Spanish, 10c each

A dancing Russian doll, non-identical twin to my grandma's dancing doll, which I've recently inherited, 1€

A tasselled and sequined hanging from a hotel, circa 1920 I should think, 5€

The only problem with these great finds is that they're going to have to move with us - we're off to join Ben in Lyon in the summer! We're looking at rental houses, which will all be significantly smaller than our current pile. So de-cluttering has already started and I have to be careful.

Hopefully I'll put a few more posts here about our spring and summer near Toulouse, and from then on, I'll share some Lyonais posts with you.


Frances said...

Floss, it's a pleasure to see a new post from you, and interesting to learn about your upcoming moving plans.

Your finds from the Vide Grenier are so varied...each one definitely arrives with its own back story.

I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of future Vide Genier events...particularly the one in which you will be participating.

Happy Spring from New York City. xo

Fat Dormouse said...

Nice to hear from you, blogging-wise! What lovely things you have found. I particularly like the quilt. Why is it all I ever find is other-people's-tat?!

Kezzie said...

Hello!!! Nice to hear from you! You found some nice items, the quilt is really beautiful.x

Serenata said...

So lovely to read a blog post from you Floss, and to see the 'treasures' you found that you will take with you on your upcoming move. :-)

Betty said...

What pretty things you find, nothing like that happens here! Hope your travels/move go smoothly. Decluttering is very liberating but I hope you will have room for the things you love the most. Betty

Janice said...

Fabulous finds... and has really whet my appetite for returning to Caunes next week. I have a list already, of the vide greniers in the Aude, for the whole summer.....Jx

Unknown said...

Hi Floss - Popping in to say Merry Christmas and Happy Advent. I hope and pray all is going well with y'all.

God bless and keep you all!