Sunday, May 11, 2014

Town Vide Grenier

Hello there - long time no blogging! Thanks to those who checked I was OK (thanks Kezzie) - yes, I've been fine, but blogging really takes a back seat when you work and parent full-time! But today I'm happy to share with you some fairly restrained shopping brought back from the local Vide Grenier. I found this charming, and very space-saving vintage camping stool for 50c on one of the first stalls. Ben is very impressed by its folding design. I like the fabric best! I then spent 3€ on the match holder. It should sit beside our fire (newly cleaned out) and I especially love the lettering.


Betty at Elderberry-Rob said...

What a nice idea, a match holder and it is very pretty indeed. Have missed your posts - glad you're back.

Kezzie said...

Glad you are ok! The items are really nice, especially the match holder!x

Frances said...

Floss, grand to see this post from you. Your Vide Grenier finds are rather wonderful.

Glad you are busy with good things this spring, but also hoping to seen another post from you before too long.


Janice said...

I love the matches box.... really gorgeous. I am delighted to be back in France and able to hunt down delights such as this at the vide greniers in the Aude. I've managed to acquire a wonderful coffee table ( perfect to put the dolls house on !) a brilliant dolls' pram and a great bongo drum so far this year !

Aida said...

Welcome back. You truly grabbed a good bargain there. I think that market is my kind of market.

Hope you have a good weekend.