Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime... most of the time!

Today it's dull, windy and rainy, but we've had some lovely weather too, recently.
I love it when I can get these cooler colours into the house again - in the winter I love red, orange and pink, to keep us warm, but when light comes into our dark house and the colours outside echo the blues and greens inside, we know spring has come.
I'm making the change-over slowly. You can see the Chinese bowls I showed yesterday in the mirror here!
I don't mind if a bit of orange or red stays on a bit longer - the slow transition is quite fun!
I wish I had more news to give you about the gunman who has now been under siege in Toulouse for about 16 hours. We are so glad that they have cornered him, but it is anxious, waiting. He can't get to us, now, but we have friends from church all around the area where he is holed-up, and of course we fear for the police too. Your prayers are still very much appreciated, for the bereaved (the funerals have taken place today, as I expect you saw) and for a peaceful transition from siege into custody now.


Jane and Chris said...

This must be a bewildering time for you all..
In my prayers.
Jane x

Tutti Chic said...

how lucky you are to be living in such a beautiful place! One the flip side...I'm so sorry about the tragedy going on over there & at such a peaceful (lent) time of year...chris

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Lovely sunshine yellow and blue, Floss - I have grown to like blue a lot this year - funny how our taste changes! I was thinking of you yesterday when the gunman was cornered as he is in a very built up area, I worried he may have access to a rooftop and might hurt the police or other residents of his flats. I hope you will all remain safe. These events have been a wake up call, a rare sight of the devil at work. Betty