Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Wintery Find

At the springtime Troc Broc Solde I found this wonderful piece of jewellery: I promptly put it away because it felt all wrong for the season, but suddenly, it feels All Right!

I wonder if any of our jewellery makers out there could tell me anything about what metal it's made from, or even if the little stone is stone or glass? I'm not coming up with much from my traditional Google 'research'.

It's really quite big - about 20cm across. I wore it to the Tree Market on Friday and it felt very appropriate.

I've photographed it on the other side of my Welsh tapestry blanket, because I realised I never showed you the famous inverse pattern for which these blankets are admired. I've discovered this particular pattern is known as Caernafon, which is the town where my grandpa was born! I really am pleased to be getting to know more about it.

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BadPenny said...

ooh that is so lovely & perfect for the season.. I saw a tree laden with Mistletow the other day.
I have no idea what it's made from sorry !

scrumptious days said...

What a delightful piece of jewellery. How lovely to have it to wear now.

Lululiz said...

I love the mistletoe pendant, it really is beautiful. What a lovely lovely find.

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Just a stunning piece of jewelry! If the metal is rather soft, perhaps it is made of pewter. And from what I can see on my monitor, the stone looks to be perhaps carnelian.

Frances said...

I do agree with Lululiz that your necklace's pendant looks like mistletoe, but cannot offer more information.

I also very much admire the pattern of that blanket you've used as the setting for your pretty necklace.

Best wishes.

Angela said...

Is it a piece of amber? I have a pair of earrings with amber stones very similar.
It is BEAUTIFUL. And like CCW I wondered if the metal was pewter

June said...

Was your grandad born in Caernarfon, North Wales? I worked in the town for three years after I left Uni. Isn't the world a small place!
Pretty necklace but can't help on the metal or stone! I too love welsh blankets!

Freddie said...

I too think that it looks like pewter, but I was always told that real stones had to 'breathe' but the back is completely sealed so I would guess that it is paste or glass. It's very pretty though.