Thursday, October 6, 2011

The thrill of what you already have

Serenata made a good point when she mentioned the other day that blogging had encouraged her to go out and shop more, for things she didn't really need. In many ways, any of you who are reading this post are probably part of the thrifty living side of blogging - there is a 'must have...' type of blogging, but surely we're not part of that?Well, mainly, we're not. The thrill of getting new suff is still there for us, though - even if it is second hand, hand made and vintage stuff. And we kind of encourage each other in this, although not in a bad way, I think.Forming a collection is lovely, and is probably some kind of ancestral memory thingy, from our nuts-and berries-gathering-ancestresses, as Emma pointed out a while ago, on Silverpebble.

But there is a time to gather and a time to gloat over what you've already gathered, to paraphrase a good book.

When I stop buying and start rearranging what I already have, I find that even more exciting than the shopping (I think...)

This little pause from shopping to gloat (the pause is of necessity, by the way) reminds me that the pleasure of what we already have can be forgotten. I wondered if I could organise a no-obligations blogging event next year, where once a month people can appreciate what they already have, on a given theme.

It would be a bit like my monthly calendar arrangements - just to give the inspiration needed to look at what you already own, and to delight in it by arranging it in a new way.

Feel free to leave a comment even if you're not interested in getting involved, but if you are interested, let me know.

Here's a gloat over what I already have, as displayed above:

Vibrant George VI pincushion - from my mother's collection

Faded plastic birds pincushion - bought by Son 2 on a 2€ Challenge

Felt strawberry pincushion - possibly made by my sister? in the 1980s

French and British vintage fabric boxes - bought by me over the last 3 years. I probably need to slow down now... Priced between 50c and 10 pounds - average price 2€

Red basket of 'stuff to go downstairs' - Vide Grenier

Red embroideries - Vide Grenier

Leather fire fan (Afghan?) - from a Charity Shop in the 1980s

Four vintage tins on the theme of French regional dances - Vide Grenier

Framed picture of a waterfall - from my mother's collection


Unknown said...

I think this is an excellent idea, esp as it not only encourages us to be content, to be happy, to appreciate and enjoy what we have; bit it will also encourage us to look for things we had forgotten, to tidy out those cupboards, to reclaim old forgotten loves.

SharonLarkin said...

A wonderful idea, Floss :-)

I'm starting to think even more that there must be something in the air at the moment, as I've been having similar thoughts myself LOL

VintageVicki said...

I like the sound of that :)

With my restrictions at the moment I can't get out and just browse - probably saved loads these last 6 weeks!

Pom Pom said...

I like what Carolyn says above. Do you know of Madame Blueberry and the stuff mart? Funny! I do think it's encouraging to read about how people conduct their lives with all the stuff that comes with THAT, but I also so enjoy trying to figure out why we have certain preferences. I think it does go back to our ancestresses. Smart!

Floss said...

Da da da da DA,
Stuff stuff, mart mart!

Yes, Pom Pom, I know that one and it's very relevant. It affected our boys' view of buying and owning 'stuff' most positively!

And thanks for all your comments so far - it does seem we are all on the same wavelength, which Carolyn sums up beautifully.

Healing Woman said...

I love the displays of the precious items you have repurposed. I particularly like the little tins but the covered books make a lovely display as well.

polkadotpeticoat said...

I agree the rearranging and putting them in different rooms for a completely different function than before....some of my favorite joys!
I love your fabric boxes and your tins!
P.s. i still love to shop just not very often so its more of an event now.

Elizabethd said...

Interesting idea, Floss. It is easy just to take for granted the things that we have, so perhaps we'll see them in a different light through your idea.

Jane and Chris said...

Floss, will this be a sneaky way to make us all tidy up?
Jane x

Serenata said...

A very good idea indeed Floss and one I would be happy to take part in. It will also enable me to view each thing with a do I need it, like it, wnat to keep it eye as well. Something I am indeed struggling with.

Need to come back to it all (the decluttering I have started) after this weekend, no time for doing more until Sunday.

Angela said...

SO glad to read it is a fire fan. I thought it was an axe, and was wondering what you had to chop with it!!
I was always a charity shop fiend/friend - but I think you are right, blogging can tempt us into buying more than we need.
I am trying Very Hard to Declutter. Please keep up the encouragements
blessings x

Wendy said...

Excellent idea and I'm up for it. I totally agree that we encourage each other to get out there and see what we can find in the charity shops - I know I sometimes have thought "blimey I have nothing to show on my blog!") In a slightly worried way too - which is nuts.

So I think that showing appreciation for what we have, and rearranging things to enjoy them all over again, is a super idea.

BTW - I also thought your fire fan was some sort of axe. :)

Autumn Mist said...

Yes, count me in please. I may be going at it from a different angle to several of you, but the horsey world is filled with 'must haves' that I find I don't actually need at all, when what I already have still functions perfectly well. I'm no longer sure why I need seven of the same thing, but all in different colours!

Marigold Jam said...

Good idea Floss! I am all for taking note of what you already have whether it be in "things" clothes or even what is around you as you will have gathered from my posts about where I live! Go for it I'd say.

June said...

Yes, it is delightful to often rediscover things that we'd forgotten about and to take pleasure in them once again! I love your collection of fabric boxes.

Andi's English Attic said...

Although I dislike going into the attic, I do enjoy looking through the boxes up there, seeing things I'd forgotten about.

The fabric boxes are lovely. xx

Unknown said...

Pom~Pom and Floss, I'd forgotten about The Stuff Mart, but yes, it was one we knew well.

I'm just trying to hold back now as I let my thoughts range over what I may have in the bottom of drawers and the back of the cupboard!

Hen said...

Thank you, Floss, for your kind comment on my blog and so glad to see you "making do" in such a stylish and pretty way, too. I love the fabric covered boxes in particular.
Hen x