Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Gardens - A British Easter Tradition

Having talked about the French tradition of bells at Easter, my mind's been on one of the British Easter traditions I enjoy most - the Easter Garden.Since childhood, I've enjoyed planting up a little container with grass or moss, stones, a cave, a cross and flowers... Over the years, our boys have made them with friends...
And we've passed on the idea to other friends - the one above was made by my American friend B and her girls last year, while the wonderfully 'girly' one below was made by another mum and daughter team!
This is a real biggie I made for church last year: far too much work for one in your own home, but fun for a change!
Traditionally they're made during Holy Week (next week), and they act like a kind of Advent Calendar in the run-up to Easter - you can make changes every day. This year, however, I'm off to Edinburgh to visit my parents over Holy Week, so if the boys and I are going to make one at all, it's going to be tomorrow! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to show you some step by step photos of how we make this year's Easter Garden. If you make an Easter Garden yourself, please let me know, and maybe post some photos on your blog!

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Elizabethd said...

We always make one for our church, but I remember what fun it was when my children were small, making it together.