Friday, February 13, 2009

The 2 Euro Challenge - how to play

You will need:

Two euros per child (or one euro, if feeling stingey).

Children as available:

One Troc Shop/Thrift Store or other bric-a-brac vendor:

How to play:

Give each child the agreed amount of money and an opaque carrier bag (to hide the purchased treasure).

Set the criteria for the challenge - this time it was 'handmade items', but in the past various judges have requested: 'something that makes me laugh' or 'something that would look good on the mantelpiece' etc.

Slope off to the rest of the shop and enjoy your free time browsing while the children do their own shopping at the front!

Return when summoned by children and judge the purchases:

Well, I thought they all did very well! Frankly, two euros was too much! Everything they chose was handmade, although they found it quite a hard category. They seemed able to judge handmade pottery, but found it harder to tell if other things were handmade.

In the end the prize (a bottle of bubble mix) went to son number two, who had chosen the really rather lovely brown flowered vase, and the kitch but rather wonderful souvenier pin cushion:

It comes from Alins, which turns out to be just over the Spanish border in the Catalan region.
The house has been full of bubbles today! Everyone's a winner...

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