Monday, July 20, 2009

Wildlife in my Windowframe

Ben and I set to work on the exterior woodwork this morning. It's all treated with lasure, which is a preservative wood treatment common here, and if you don't sand and renew the stuff every few years then the wood begins to rot. We moved in three years ago and I have no idea when the wood was last treated - ages ago, we think! I worked in the shade of the 'sail' at the front of the house, or in the shade of my parasol which Ben set up by the window I was working on.
I took advantage of having all the sanders out to prepare and prime some little stools I've intended to paint for months! This one was an ancestral Made Do and Mend by someone in Ben's family, just after the war. His dad was going to chuck it out but we rescued it - it's made of old crates and we thought it was great! Just wait and see what I intend to do with it...
Now to the wildlife. This tiny chap is only the size of a match head, but flat. Two of them crawled out of the window I was sanding and I thought their little feelers were rather cute so I snatched a photo and showed Ben. He thought they were probably scorpions, but note the lack of stinger (phew). They are probably pseudoscorpions, but I need to do some more research.
Soon after we showed the boys this larger scorpion, complete with sting, was placed on my shoulder by Son 1.

He's a real origami fan!

So, more sanding and painting tomorrow...


Lululiz said...

You are always such a busy busy busy bee! Its good to get these things out of the way though whilst the weather is good.

As to the wildlife, yikes, we have had some weird and wonderful critters in our cottage, some of them quite scary. I am not a huge fan of creepy crawlies, I have to say.

Sarah said...

Small bug are definately the best in my opinion! Not a great fan either. That sanding looks like a very big job! I don't like sanding at all. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with that stool. Love revamps!!

Cal said...

Think I could just about cope with a scorpion that size. :>
Cal x

Sarah said...

Your parcel just arrived! Thank you very much for the lovely goodies. I have an idea for the cross stitch already. I just might have to make it up in the weekend if I have time. Can't wait to use the buttons too. Now I'm glad you explained how old the cards were or it wouldn't have gone un-noticed by me. How amazing to have something that old!! Thanks ever so much xxx I will blog it all tomorrow.

juanitatortilla said...

Yes I also remember those little shelves that a friend had given to you, in which you were going to get it painted. (Ah, they must be the ones in the background of the picture.) I think? Can't wait to see what you're going to do with this antique stool though. I'd be all flustered -- what colour to choose, should I do patterns? Etc. Fickle, fickle.

You've got to have real dexterous fingers and patience to whip up some origami. Kudos to your boy.

Terry said...

Howdy Floss
Just dropped by to see how things were going.
And discovered you have a new project.
I am so happy you rescued an old piece made from crates.
There is always so much you can do with an item made from an old crate.
Looking forward to seeing your creative hands do something new with it.
Hope all is well.
Blessings of happiness to and yours.
A big helllo to your Mum .
Happy Trails

Glenda/MidSouth said...

That is quiet an undertaking, doing all that sanding. I have a cabinet I want to paint, but it needs to be sanded first, so it may never get done. :) Looking forward to seeing the redo on the stool.